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'You must do something wrong, and is in the order of things' – says Soledad Aguirre of the Madrid company Statim Relocation. 'In our cross-cultural training there is a natural decline after 2-3 months, when the joy of novelty fizzles and falls mood – adds Katie Estevez from the Munich company Swift Relocation Service. – Difficulties associated with living in a new country to the fore, and people think they made a terrible mistake. However, after 7-8 months they usually begin to feel again at home. Understanding that this will happen and that this happens to many, will go through a difficult period. " NOT LOOKING FOR DEFECTIVE I once met a native of New Zealand, living in Argentina. We talked about the book Miranda France 'Hard times in Buenos Aires. " Argentines are brought to her wicked and vain people, dreams of becoming a 'real Europeans'.

My friend praised the author's sarcasm, but I thought this model is too primitive. A similar book, you can write about any country: the British are arrogant, slow, Mexicans, etc. But it would be a superficial look at one or another country, lose sight of the good that is in it. "I just do not see this sense ', – concluded the New Zealander. You should not always make comparisons with their homeland.

It's pointless. 'We must learn to adapt – says Harriet Golden-White, co-director of County Homesearch (Surrey, UK). – You can not upset over little things such as, for example, problems with garbage disposal.


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