Steam humidifiers can operate without water treatment system because of the steam distributors in the room is served almost sterile couples. Click Dropbox for additional related pages. Another advantage is the ability to embed a humidifier steam distributor in the system of supply and exhaust ventilation. The disadvantage of the steam humidifier is the high operating costs. For example, electricity consumption in the performance of the last 5 liters per hour is 1.3 kW. In addition to the cost of electricity during operation is necessary to replace the humidifier replacement cylinders supplied. The frequency of replacement of the cylinder depends on the hardness of tap water varies from 2 to 4 times a year.

Let us consider a concrete example. Baselines: Appointment of warehouse space sorting and storing eggs Volume 288 cubic meters of room air temperature +12 C Relative humidity indoors 40% of the system ventilation in the room is no cooling system in a room of 7 kW (the cold) Requirements: You must increase the relative humidity of 70-80% of the calculation of water deficit on the parameters of air demand is 1,5 kg / hour. But under the condition of the air conditioners power 7.0 kW additional dehumidification can reach 4,5-5,0 liters per hour. Thus, it is sufficient to install a single disk humidifier company Carel Series Humidisc model UC0650D000 (Output is adjustable from 1,1 to 6,5 l / h). The following is a general view of the disk humidifier Carel (Italy) Series Humidisc and specifications. Specifications: Power consumption 23 watts capacity of 280 m3/hr connection 220-230 V / 50 Hz volume 0.055 liter tank of water consumption (water) 1,1-6,5 l / h Size (height) 565 mm in size (width) 530 mm in size (thickness) 505 mm Temperature range 2 C +35 The set of disk humidifier includes a control unit humidistat and the water tank. The work of the humidifier based on the principle of spraying water in the form of aerosols.

Humidifier you need to supply cold water, because this device is a reservoir small. The device can be mounted on the suspensions. The set comes, also, three lock for suspended mounting. It should be noted that the humidification of the air by spraying fine aerosol inevitably leads to its cooling. Therefore, we must bear in mind that the power dampening 1,0 kg / hour of cooling effect of about 0.7 kW (at a temperature of tap water +5 +7 C). Accordingly, in the performance humidifier 6.5 l / h cooling effect will be 4.5 kW, which offloads the cooling system air conditioner. Humidification – is part of the problem to maintain the required parameters of the microclimate in the premises, which should solved together with the ventilation and cooling air. Unfortunately, the often formulaic solutions may not always be applicable. Therefore, the selection of hvac equipment should be consulted with experts.


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