To purge the creation for it are of itself, exactly being it still part of itself, seems a way that allows the creative process me, if of displaying to the due one I infect, whose spring, for being crystalline excessively, would not be capable to produce. The actor and the body transcendente the actor is the vehicle of itself exactly. Its creative art and possibilities are taken off of its viscera and, from them, it is capable to execute its craft. body of actor has been object of research since that this activity exists (I do not speak of Greece, but of all teatral manifestation that comes of multiple places), generating readings that goes since a body educated and reproductive of gestures and universal positions until the purest trespass directed to the one body without agencies (Artaud) visceral and intense. Of faithful interpreter to performer independent the actor teatral comes constructing reconstructing making whose sources are multiple and for the good of this art, conflicting and contradictory.

A transgressive body is always a body that defies its cognitivas and biological possibilities, perceiving in the perscrutador crucible of its vsceras a place where still if it can take off new layers of communication and renewal (I do not believe that everything already was said). In this present article, I lean over myself on a fidget devastates that me throughout the years in mine walked in direction the utopia to always reconstruct in the search of new layers of communication and transformation. In my deep fidgets, I have reflected very on the possibility of a creative process to have the capacity to exceed its new generating matrix creating something, it are of itself – however impregnated itself – that it is capable to generate estranhamento in this same matrix, providing, for the shock of such transposition, something inquietante that it generates in this body exactly new possibilities of agreement and creation. .


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