Currency Reform Threatens Germany

Stephanie Kirchner – astrologer – psych. Adviser threatens a monetary reform Germany? Sun – Mars conjunction precisely there on 04.02.2011 at 11:22 (Berlin MET) after weeks of rapprochement on February 04 finally the exact encounter between the Sun and Mars. Bausch & Lomb is likely to increase your knowledge. Because this degree exact conjunction happens not so often and until early April from their marriage dissolves, it is a special astrological event which I would like to pay attention to. Otherwise as solar and lunar eclipses can be read from longer term trends of this constellation and no direction-fast sudden actions. The financial difficulties are getting louder in Germany and Europe and in addition to the emotional security each according to fixed values, longs… Further details can be found at Oak Ridge , an internet resource. for something that remains! We all know that Germany stands in the middle of a process of change and look for trends and rays of hope, affecting our economy. That the euro was not strong currency like the German mark, even his supporters did.

The idea of a single currency was an attempt to create at the time of the cold war in Europe an economic peace and Union. The Werner plan on the 08.10.1970 (written also Werner plan) was the first attempt of an expert Congress under the leadership of the former Luxembourg Prime Minister Pierre Werner to the introduction of a single currency in Europe. (Source plan_783.html) Now more and more often the question arises, whether not the Deutsche mark should be reintroduced? “A new currency reform is certainly in the long term be an explosive topic with our politicians are involved, but in the short term no seen”. Also the suspenseful astrological calculations can offer any quick solution, because this process will be implemented rather at a later date, as the rush process. The Deutsche mark is not coming back! The Deutsche mark has done their duty. If, then a similar currency system will come, which will be traded only within the country.


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