Colorful Messages

“” NEWSTICKER news from Taiwan – colorful messages Taiwan’s First Lady “Chou Mei-ching was as cultural ambassadors for their contribution to the promotion of international cultural exchange, by the Mayor of Steinau on the road”, Walter Strauch, honored on November 19 in Germany. Chou gave the local House of the Brothers Grimm a Chinese-language edition of “Grimm’s fairy tales” and an output traditional Taiwan children’s stories. The Taipei Film Commission (TFC) said on 20 November that five local films had sold their Italian rights: “Love”, “Monga”, “Soul”, “Touch of the Light” and “Taipei Factory”. The TFC has presented officially the French company for special effects BUF co., whose work in “the Grand Master” Golden Horse award has been nominated for the special effects for the prize at this year’s on November 23. The company is currently working on the film “Black and White 2”. The TFC said that his partnership with the Ile de France Film Commission, which 2010 founded was a rain cooperation in the area of audiovisual production and the implementation of nine international forums between Taiwan and France have done. A group of Taiwanese researchers, supported by the Taiwan National Science Council, began a 10-year project which measures the changes in the Earth’s crust in the Himalayas and the headwaters of the Ganges by means of setting up of satellite geodesy, to gather evidence of future earthquakes. The research team consists of members of the National Kaohsiung Normal University, National Central University in Taoyuan County in the district Hualien-based National Dong Hwa University in Tainan City-based National Cheng Kung University and the Kumaun University in Uttarakhand, India. (ca)


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