As Online Merchants Increase Revenue

New study appeared who wants to succeed in e-commerce to online marketing and Web Analytics and optimisation, needs attention by means of appropriate marketing measures on its online offering and also try to retain its customers in the long term. Whether advertising, the sending of newsletters or participate in social networks for an online dealer actually pays or whether its own offering meets the wishes of the customer, Web controlling solutions can show. “The aim of the study so online retailers increase revenue” it is, therefore, to identify current trends and developments in the areas of online marketing and Web Analytics and optimisation in the E-Commerce and provide merchants with an overview of the issues raised. To identify the trends and to raise the Status quo, a multi-level questionnaire was developed which was filled in and then evaluated by online retailers. Selected results 18% of retailers use no marketing activity to promote their website, as well as customer loyalty.

While the search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising (SEA) are currently the most commonly used marketing measures, the newsletter, as well as the participation in social networks show the greatest growth potential. In addition, have the best cost-to sales ratio from the dealer perspective the search engine marketing and the newsletter. But less than 40% of retailers can understand so far the success of marketing activities. So, the largest challenge in marketing from a distributor perspective in addition to the identification of keywords is the measurement of success of individual marketing campaigns. Nearly two-thirds of the German online retailers use currently a Web-controlling-solution. The three most important properties of a solution are a high usability, a fast and timely analysis, as well as compliance with the German data protection from a merchant perspective. However, many traders have still need to catch up at some data protection measures, to meet the requirements of German data protection.


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