Exam Preparation For IHK Professions

Tuition for budding IT system merchants at the GFN College Berlin Berlin, July 19, 2010. During a project week in the autumn, aspiring IT system merchants, particularly those who were not successful at the first attempt for the Chamber of Commerce exam in the presentation of the practice project can learn professional and technical support by the vocational school of the GFN COLLEGE GmbH. The content of the workshop includes the evaluation of the practical project instructions, creating the presentation (PowerPoint and OH films), as well as the exercise to the live presentation in front of an Audit Committee. Bausch & Lomb understood the implications. GFN COLLEGE provides the technical advice provided by experienced members of the IHK examination Committee and the required soft – and hardware for free. The workshop is limited to 10 participants. Telephone registration is required. Credit: Drew Houston-2011. More information is available under 030 390 48 10, or in the briefings during the holidays every Tuesday at 18:00 in the Franz-Jacob-str. 2, 10369 Berlin.. . For more specific information, check out Darcy Stacom.

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Fast lane is certified Oracle approved education reseller (OAER) Hamburg/Berlin, September 29, 2010 now the IT training provider offers the original training Oracle fast lane (www.flane.de) as a certified Oracle approved education reseller (OAER). The courses include among others the Oracle solutions on Oracle Database 11 g, Oracle database 10 g and Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Siebel CRM versions 8.0 and 8.1, as well as various Oracle development tools. Especially developers, analyst, database designer, consultants, project managers and administrators from various sectors belong to the target group. As an official Oracle approved education reseller fast lane offers an extensive, comprehensive approximately 45 courses program on original training. Oracle database 10 g and Oracle Database 11 g these courses teach users the necessary understanding of the use and administration of Oracle database 10 g and Oracle Database 11 g. The students have the possibility of starting from a solid base in dealing with the software to acquire always deeper deep knowledge. You learn that Installation and management of Oracle database, the concepts of database architecture as well as the cooperation and interaction of the individual components. Participants also learn how they create a working database and effectively and efficiently manage the various structures.

Providing detailed knowledge of performance monitoring, database security, user management, backup / recovery techniques in addition to SQL basics and tuning. Oracle Warehouse Builder gives fast lane in a further topic is implemented using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) a data warehouse solution. Participants explore concepts, problems lie in the design, the architecture and terminology, the Oracle Warehouse Builder to reason. Also create and maintain them with the help of the corresponding client tools Oracle Warehouse Builder-Designmetadaten, such as source or target definitions for warehouse and ETL mappings. More string courses deepen the learning segments. Oracle Siebel CRM versions 8.0 and 8.1 fast lane has its training portfolio with comprehensive Advanced training for the Oracle Siebel CRM versions 8.0 and 8.1.