Beautiful Hiking Regions

On the go in Majorca and La Palma hot summer months and the rush of visitors are gone. Popular destinations in Spain now treat tourists with rest and relaxation. Hiking is available as a leisure activity with German holidaymakers high in the course. online travel portal presents the most beautiful destinations in Majorca and the Canary Island of La Palma. Lovers of the hikers will enjoy fully on Mallorca. The Heath blooms and the thermometer climbs to pleasant 22 degrees.

The Sierra de Tramuntana mountains allow the hiker’s heart beat faster. Ideal conditions, for example, a hike of Puerto Soller to Deiazu company. An historical pilgrimage route runs from an oak forest of olive plantations and old farms to Deia. Orange and lemon trees invite you on the way to reinvigorate. Deiaangekommen, Bay, hikers by the atmosphere of the former artist town can let be enchanted.

Just a few hours by air from Germany, the Canary Islands unique natural experiences. The National Park Caldera de Taburiente on La Palma island is famous with hikers and popular. Hear from experts in the field like Jim Crane for a more varied view. A hiking tour through the caldera runs along the boiler of an open crater, which was formed 400,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. He is open to the sea side and counts as the most powerful lower crater in the world. In the hotel ( hotelbewertungen.htm) well strengthened, hikers start their tour on 1,040 m above sea level. On the road they can marvel at pine forests, meadows, and weird rock formations. Target is the Gorge of the scared to death, in Spanish “Barranco de las Angustias” called. Actually, gasp many hikers but due to the stunning beauty of nature. Learn more about popular hikes: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Holidays In Brittany

Brittany, the best destination for individualists it is probably no coincidence that the fictional home relocated to Asterix and Obelix in Brittany. Their village is the ancient name of Brittany, Armorica, which means “Land in front of the sea” on Celtic. A willful master lives there, who has long resisted the conquest of Gaul and France against the inclusion in the Kingdom of Caesar. The Department of Finistere (“end of the world”) in the West of the peninsula is rich in testimonies to a pre Celtic megalithic culture, whose beruhmteste are the enigmatic standing stones (“megaliths”). The settlement by the Celts in the fifth century v. ch. and escape historical Celts around 460 a.d.

coined the breed of the cat and left a still living in Western language, Breton. A speciality of Brittany as a holiday area is the large number of apartments and houses, especially. These are often old, modernized farmhouses made of land typical granite or new buildings perceived by. Because these houses, their buildings often dates back to the middle ages, mostly free-standing, there is a good selection of objects, where the carriage of dogs is not a problem. The family-friendly structures differ significantly from planned tourism facilities. The density of grade II listed buildings is unique in Europe: village churches, Calvaries, castles and historic old towns – from the pirate fortress of St. Malo up to the legendary Mont Saint-Michel on the border of Normandy. The rich really fresh seafood cuisine you should enjoy directly on the rugged coastline, traditional crepes and galettes, together with a fine cider. Holiday homes Brittany dog Internet on favourable terms can be found bim.

INC Travel

To do this, this external content must be fully integrated into the booking process.” Your free personal of the white paper “the airline as a retailer” from April 13 on about OPENJAW TECHNOLOGIES: OpenJaw technologies is the inventor of the xDistributor platform, one of the most comprehensive and powerful e-commerce platforms of the travel industry. The xDistributor-based solutions enable the leading airlines, online travel agencies and portals, hotel chains and groups, as well as loyalty programmes, to market their offerings differently and more effectively than ever before. In the xDistributor platform can be integrated service providers and distribution channels individually managed. All components can be dynamically packaged or bundled thanks to a modern and powerful rules engine. More applications, apps sit on the xDistributor platform called: the Internet booking engine (IBE) xRez which call center and travel agency application xRezAgent, the hotel inventory. Content and distribution management solution xHotel search technology that offers E.g. tickets for events and attractions to the up – and cross-selling only when the traveller actually leaves in the geographical region, as well as a site-specific (location based).

OpenJaw techologies actively participates in the Open Travel Alliance, CASMA, TTI and HTNG. In addition to its headquarters in Dublin, OpenJaw maintains more branches and representative offices in Galway, Madrid, Frankfurt, Dallas, and Moscow. More information, also see about PHOCUSWRIGHT, INC.: PhoCusWright is regarded as authority in the research and analysis of the global travel market. The studies are based on primary research in North America, Europe and Asia and serve as a basis for strategic and operational decision-making. In addition aligns also management trainings and conferences PhoCusWright together with local partners E.g. at ITB in Berlin. For more information on press contact: OpenJaw technologies Germany Andreas Schurrle Oranienstr. 13 65812 Bad Soden am Taunus phone: 06196 655 166

Viennese Naschmarkt Time

Christkindlmarkt, Cowboys or palms offers many people a Merry Christmas, but often are the weeks before Christmas Eve to a race against time and a marathon in terms of gift buying. Who would like to go this hustle and bustle for a while out of the way, should take a short holiday in consideration to the advent season. The travel portal gives views on possible destinations for the Christmas season. A trip is recommended for those who place value on tradition, during advent to Vienna. In the Austrian capital, the romance can be enjoyed far away from everyday stress.

Everywhere you hear Christmas music and invite the various Christmas markets to a leisurely stroll. The Sacher patisserie and the Viennese Naschmarkt provide culinary delights. A slightly different scenery offers Mallorca at Christmas time. Here, virtually only the lights on Palm trees indicate the merry season. On the popular holiday island visitors Christmas gifts at warm temperatures and with intermediate stops in small Cafes overlooking the sea can buy a. In Dubai, vacationers enjoy shopping also at around 25 degrees Celsius. In the well-known shopping centre, Dubai Mall is provided for winter atmosphere. All artificial ice crystals, and visitors can bring in a round on the ice rink into the Christmas spirit.

It is still not exotic enough, Dallas might like the Christmas time. As the Festival Gets a certain cowboy atmosphere, and also in Texas is not saved in decoration. Even ice skating is possible in the desert. “The best argument, however, remains that all purchases tax-free”, are thus exempt from tax. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Mahon Hotels Give Value Added Tax Advantage

Maria and Harald Mintrop reduce immediately the prices for overnight stays in their two homes. Essen, January 21, 2010. Much has been discussed about the tax rate on accommodation costs reduced as of January 1, 2010. “For Maria and Harald Mintrop however the thing is clear: for us it is a matter of decency and fairness to our customers and guests, if we pass this advantage on them”, the owner of Mintrops land Hotel Margarethenhohe explain Hotel Burgaltendorf and Mintrops city. After all, many guests remain loyal to, the two Essen houses often for many years. In addition they have for everyone equally applicable and for each reliable pricing policy of Mahon accepted houses. The price reduction is therefore virtually a recognition and rewards”, show the two hoteliers. Of course, want and be Mary and Harald Mintrop continue to invest in their homes.

And of course they will pay their employees also still fair. The details of the new Interested for price list online at culture bonus for 4-Star base camp the RUHR. 2010 is already in full swing. Those business, leisure or cultural travellers, when your booking in one of the two Mahmud houses of a RUHR. 2010-ticket submit, Mintrops charge 10 euros to the price of the accommodation upon arrival until April 30.

Both Mintrops land hotel also Mintrops city hotel is an ideal base to take part in the colorful and inspiring program. From there, guests get quickly and easily to all places where the myth of Ruhr convey the diverse arts and cultural events. Experience Hotel Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe in Essen heard Mintrops land Hotel Burgaltendorf of the absolute top-hotels, nationwide. At the main Hotel Grand Prix was last an independent jury Mintrops land Hotel Burgaltendorf with 1st place and Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe with 2nd place from. “For the colorful” houses belong to the most beautiful type ‘ hotels of the country and for modern living “to the most beautiful design hotels. The kitchen can be seen, of course! “The magazine of Der Feinschmecker” as also the restaurant guide Gault Millau “the two Mahmud praise hotels. Information and contact: Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe steep road 46 45149 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 201.4 38 60