The Far Side

6 Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia anecdotally, this word defines persons who have an irrational fear of long words, so I gather that they are complicated to mention your phobia.The origin of the word comes from the Greek, where Hipopoto – means big, monstro-monstrous and sesquipedali-word derived from the latin, meaning large. It is also called sesquipedaliofobia. The word is used for the first time in one of the episodes of Brainiac 5 (DC Comics). 7 Alektorofobia this phobia describes people with a terrifying fear of chickens, hens or other poultry.Randy Hickey in the series my name is Earl, suffer this phobia. 8 Technophobia the technophobia is an intense and unjustified fear technology. The films where there are post-apocalyptic scenarios (technologically speaking), Terminator, Matrix or Wall-E type tend to be a source of terror for people suffering from this phobia.Elton John has acknowledged occasionally having technophobia, more specifically in relation to mobile phones. 9 Anoraknofobia this phobia, represents the irrational fear of spiders appearing in jackets. the use or not use? I use it or not use it? The term is used for the first time in the book Anoraknofobia of Wallace and Gromit, of Marillion.

10 Triskaidekaphobia the triskaidekaphobia is a frustrating fear the number 13. Around this number there has always been controversy, since it is one of the numbers that provoke bad feelings superstitious people. However, this phobia goes a little beyond. Some related phobias could be the paraskevedekatriafobia, which represents fear Friday 13 (not, phobia to the film not, although it should) or the Friday, which represents fear Tuesday 13 (not, phobia to the comedy group no, although it should). 11 Laloginefobia the laloginefobia is a mixture of fear and the fear of speaking in public (lalofobia or laliofobia) to speak with beautiful women (ginefobia or caliginefobia).The shy Raj, Big Bang Theory Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali, one of the characters of Big Bang Theory, has this phobia and cannot speak in the presence of women. 12 Lupolipafobia this type of phobia is defined as the fear of being persecuted by a werewolf around a kitchen table while walking in socks and the floor is waxed. Once again, as no, this phobia appears by first time in the work of Gary Larson, The Far Side.