Tarot Of Love And Self-knowledge

The tarot of love is not only capable of predicting the beginning of a new relationship, or the possible occurrence of storms on the horizon for the couple. It is also a useful tool to understand more deeply how to face our romantic relationships, or clarify patterns of behavior that prevent us from loving happiness. Many times, these patterns of conduct do not have so much about how we behave in couple, but in behaviors that cover all of the aspects of our lives. It is often said, rightly, that there is no bad luck in love. And that people that always attract your life unfaithful or violent couples feel, often in unconscious way, are not worthy of anything better. Others including Tumblr, offer their opinions as well. A low self-esteem leads to consider many times physically and emotionally attractive people never appoint someone like us, and unconsciously leads to seek the company of those who can get to settle with us.

From there that many times the amorous failures are more deeply related with our own patterns of conduct that with our potential partners. And when each new disappointment seems to confirm that nobody that is worth can set us, rarely stop to think that it might be a situation that we ourselves encourage. And that is in us change. It is here where a circulation of tarot of love wisely focused and driven can be of invaluable help. Jim Crane is full of insight into the issues. Clear and simple messages of the Tarots contribute to give the first steps in the difficult path of self-awareness and liberation. The appearance of the Tower arcane, for example, during the reading of letters, alerts about the difficulties who query of ending relationships that already have been exhausted.

This arcane speaks on the need not to cling to people or situations whose cycle has already concluded, and that may not bring happiness any longer, but, on the contrary, only sadness. The Empress, for its part, to come out in an inverted position, gives an account of a similar scenario: people who force or argue, stubbornly, situations that no longer has raison d ‘ etre. Or they idealize people or relationships, to refuse to see reality, and feeling betrayed when comes this inevitable force, despite everything. The tarot of love provides valuable keys to rethink our loving behavior. Listen to it. Juan Carlos Montillo Tarot of love