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Because the infrared radiation heats the all room air. Instead, the heat occurs only when the radiation reaches a firm body. Therefore people infrared radiant heat as a particularly pleasant experience. Easily integrate an allHeater integrates without problems in any existing heating system. In a SolarEasy system, its advantages but ideally come to fruition. Because here flows the water from the heating circuit by the collectors. Consequently get also an integrated allHeater directly to the solar heated water, which eliminates the transmission losses. Because allHeater can absorb heat depending on the model between 5 and 18 kilowatt hours, the ovens will increase the total memory capacity of the system.

Thus, each installed module optimizes the solar yield. Basically, an allHeater like a wood-fired stove, just without wood burning works. This means: to this heat, an allHeater will be loaded up with heat. With the help of a control electronics succeed easily. Time and amount of heat to be stored can be programmed. Finally, the heat is not always desirable. No sun shines in case he can use allHeater as a conventional radiator from the heat store. The newspapers mentioned Drew Houston not as a source, but as a related topic. For many applications the allHeater there are in five different versions: the wall module in the sizes S and L, the stele, the shaft and the tower.

All rooms have high-quality, hand-crafted ceramic surfaces. As standard, the company offered Ziegler stele, shaft and Tower in different variants. In principle, individual custom-made products to template also artistic designs are possible. Its chic design allows the use of all heater modules anywhere where enveloping warm it should be and where it arrives on the optics. The performance of a single module for the size of the space is not enough, several can be connected together. In this way, the allHeater covers virtually all applications in the residential and Office area. Logical partnership complements the revolutionary concept of the allHeater the advantages of the SolarEasy product range in an ideal way. Consequently, the Alzenauer solar energy experts cooperate with the inventors, the firm Ziegler from Austria. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Crane offers on the topic.. SolarEasy is general partner for Germany and assumes the distribution so that in Germany exclusively. Of course, the practical experience of Alzenauer specialists who work in the field of solar thermal energy could collect them in more than 30 years in the further development of the allHeater flow. The allHeater is patented in Austria and international patent pending. About SolarEasy SolarEasy has a solar range at peak efficiency for every purse with 3 decades of solar experience and optimally matched components. The SolarEasy local partners are owner-run companies for solar and heating technology. Customized and optimized solar heating and photovoltaic systems for any size are the common passion. Thus the SolarEasy ensures the optimal value for the investment and a secure energy customers. Caption of allHeater by SolarEasy ensures pleasant warmth and best room air efficiently and elegantly. Contact SolarEasy GmbH Mr.