District Association

In the District of voice 112 Dachau of direct candidate AXEL MENDE is especially nervous the CSU. Their local Paladins strive their Chairman Huber option disabled to please. The municipal administration of Haimhausen has the District Association of the left. communicated by a municipality employee leave, that the billboards of the party in the municipal area are to remove. This statement came from the Mayor, who himself was just on vacation. The publicly listed billboards in the municipality will be used for the posters, please.

Asks Mayor Peter Fajardo (CSU) while care should be taken that not always the same party is sealed up, because it is tight on the surfaces. Only 8 poster locations available are for 12 Parties. The Huber proclaimed crusade “against the left looks or it is the fact that the candidate of the CSU, Mr. Bernhard Seidenath – member of the Council and in the district, spokesman of the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs and first Chairman of the local CSU – has his residence there? THE LEFT. in any case, is their right can perceive on election campaign and intimidated neither Huber nor by the municipal administration of Mr Peter Fajardo. Screams from these operations to lose the naked fear of the former Christian social CSU of this time besides the actual majority in the State of Bavaria also the majority in the Parliament, because that depends on not insignificantly, whether the left the non-voters can motivate and indents in the Landtag.

In the town of Dachau, the District Association notes targeted attacks on left posters and billboards. These vandals are Harding and Haderthauers cases against the left. encouraged and confirmed. Politicians know that experience and therefore one can not speak of an ill-considered choice of words. Direct party candidate that thinks left: Petty disabilities, vandalism and polemical agitation against the left are no sign of democracy ability and a shame for the players. The citizens will know to such behavior.

11 Million District Levy Refund!

Bergisch Gladbach to the high payment the circle zurpckfordern. THE left. / BfBB Alderman Bergisch Gladbach calls the full repayment of the too much paid district levy to the cities and towns of the Rheinisch Bergischer Kreis. Alone in Bergisch Gladbach would that 11 million into the troubled budget flush. Circle is again debt-free”with this headline the press reports about the repayment of the country of 25.8 million at the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis, because it was burdened with Wohngeldern too high. 8.7 million, that is only about one-third, want to forward CDU and FDP to the eight cities and towns”. The districts manage their area to the best of the district municipalities and their inhabitants according to the principles of municipal self-government.

So the district order urnschreibt the essence of the circles. So they can perform their tasks, the circles of the district communities raise a levy, as far as other income of a circle does not cover the incurred expenses (article 56 (1) Kr0). As a result the levies of the municipalities in the district were too high in recent years total to the amount, the country now be returned to the district. Heinz lang, a city councilor of the BfBB in the leader of the left / BfBB calls a higher reimbursement to the city as the CDU and FDP schedule so far: we believe that municipalities is not may be satisfied with the proposal of the CDU and FDP, to get only one-third of the amount of the refund from the district. The city Bergisch Gladbach contributes 42% of levy collected in the district annually. She should be off now powered with 3,666 million, although it can be assumed that she was burdened with the housing with 11 million.

All district members of all parties need to remember that they represent citizens and their communities, in which they were elected, and are obliged to work to the best of their community. The very low debt of the circle of 17.1 million should compare it with the debt of their community and are also wondering whether the allocations of the past have been not too high are urban household may financially be relieved! The the left. and Gladbach Bergisch call the BfBB in the City Council on all parties and voter communities to support their demand for a full refund of the 25.8 million to much paid contribution on the towns and villages in the district. Urban household may financially be relieved! Tomas M. Santillan, group Chairman who left / BfBB says: Bergisch Gladbach 11 million would mean for the troubled budget of the city about, which could well use the city. Thus could be withdrawn numerous cuts and the urgent rehabilitation of the schools continued. The city has 11 million paid too much at the circle in the past. We reclaim this now. We must not abandon this income opportunity, if we do not always want to hear that no money was allegedly”. If the CDU and FDP tomorrow more “Cuts in Bergisch Gladbach, present must be adhere to, that their district representatives had the opportunity to help their city.”