Preschoolers Rules

To equip the child to the elementary norms of conduct with adults and peers – is not easy. In preparation for the school child must be able to serve themselves, abide by the rules of school decorum. The inability to communicate, find common ground with peers is often a barrier, which is very difficult to circumvent. Parents want to see their child educated, responsive and friendly, because their baby – the best and most educated. And often, by virtue of its parental love, much to turn a blind eye, justifying the actions of their children, and convince themselves that they are still small … There comes a time and a former preschool child is first-graders.

And if by this time he will not be formed basic norms and rules of ethical behavior – the child will have difficulty. These untrained children can not shake hands, apologize and ask for something, they find it difficult to find common language with their classmates. And if children we teach children the basics of etiquette in the future, he will grow up well-mannered and educated. Preparing for school – it's a long process, on how the kid will grow educated, largely depends on its continued success in school. I offer you a game and game situations to teach a child a courtesy and culture of communication. 1. Replay dialogue with your child about the culture of behavior between people of different professions.

For example, between seller and buyer friendly, teacher and student, doctor and patient, driver and passenger. You can turn on the game and the relationships between family members, between welcoming his grandmother and grandson, brother and sister and etc. Together, discuss the popular adage: "Do not be primetliv and be courteous." 2. The players take turns rolling a ball, calling the polite word. The game can be complicated, offering to call, for example, only words of welcome gratitude, etc.