When a client asks me if I think he or she is a good candidate for starting a new business, I asked several questions (see our free evaluation, "Are you an entrepreneur?"). But the truth of the matter is that these questions are similar to those you would ask someone who wants to advance in an organization or find a new position elsewhere. When people call an executive coach following the decision to make a change or be fired, those who have treated his career and his own business will have a much easier time. Having a mindset of an entrepreneur is a necessary asset to be recognized and rewarded in your organization. Mark Stevens is a great source of information. Employees who are primarily reactive not reached the top. Of course, you will be rewarded with a point for his faithful and accurate adherence to the goals of the organization, but they are not going to be the people calling the shots in big games.

The entrepreneurial spirit means thinking of the gestalt, or all, of the organization and recognizing where they fit into the scheme of things, the recognition of the impact of their actions in the system and how to create and enhance the impact. It means having a great capacity for relationship and supernatural knowledge and intuition of his "clients" of his colleagues, senior management teams and staff, as well as external customers. Entrepreneurs are always taking the temperature of the costs, profit margins, marketing effectiveness, visibility, changing market needs, new trends, and so on.