Or for those who advance warning that he did not give any bullshit. Convenient. Gift certificates today received a new form of development, becoming a real adventure, when it does not end with a simple delivery of the goods, but also accompanied by some kind of show. True, this method works well for fairly expensive products. Although demand for gift certificates is always, it is observed a marked increase during the holidays – New Year, March 8.

7) Discounts may well increase sales by a certain time. It is only important to determine when to enter the discount. Which holiday? Which products? What percentage of discounts? Is there a discount for the old collection? It is important to have a plan whereby the company will introduce discounts. Also, you need to understand how general discounts consistent brand. They are preferable to products in the style of IKEA, rather than Apple or BMW. And do not forget that psychologists found that less than 7% discount practically have no effect on consumers. So first let's note the obvious.

First, the customer is not always right. Sometimes, it is not necessary trying to break into the cake to satisfy some of the individual who wants something impossible. At the same time we must understand that in today's world a good service should be the norm, but because companies do not can afford to save it. Sales training, customer service, attractive interiors shop – everything is a standard that must be present in each company.