Nogera Ribagozana River

HISTORY of the RAIERS ancestors moved logged wood from the Pyrenean forests for its commercialization, taking advantage of the riverbed rivers, in the Valley of Roncal, Sobrarbe, in the Comarca of Pallars Jussa and Alt Urgell. In Catalonia to Tremp, Pobla de Segur, Balaguer, Lleida, Tortosa i Amposta. If we start from the basis that the word rai comes from the meaning of Latin which is ratis, meaning raft, we are dating back to a tradition that tradition that could come from the time when the Romans were in these lands. DESCENT by the SHIRE County of Pallars Jussa is situated in the channel half of the Noguera Pallaresa, between summits Pyrenean and the Sierra de Montsec, South bordering Central Catalonia and the comarca of the Noguera. Tremp constructs, by its location and its commercial importance, the capital of the region. Above will be include Talarn on the way to La Pobla de Segur, passing through the San Antonio reservoir and the Talarn dam. La Pobla is located at the confluence of losrios Noguera Pallaresa and Flamisell, in union with the neighboring comarques of Pallars Sobira, high Ribagorcana and lVall dAran. To a kilometer short of Pobla de Segur Nogera Pallaresa heading north along the River is located the Pont de Claverol far reach Raids that depart from the Llania dam.

THE feast of the RAIERS a few days earlier was construlyen three Raids of three sections each to make the descent, is performed holding the first week of July, to recover the tradition that ends with a party enlivened by a popular food and dancing, along with other countries with this tradition raiera and local authorities raiers. RAIERS in ALT URGELL in the confluence of the rivers Segre and Valira is the Coll de Nargo where performs the baixada dels Raiers in mid-August.Being the route between Figols Clops and bridge it spy. DOWN to the NOGUERA fifty kilometers more down, passed Tremp, and Camarasa, along the road that goes to Balaguer, lies the Noguera comarca and in it the municipality of ager, belongs to the judicial party of Balaguer than with a extension of 161 km square with only 480 inhabitants. The most important peak is S. Alis with 1670m.

Ager, spans the Valley between the sierra de Montsec, limit the Comarques of noguera and pallars Jussa, and saw the Port dAger. In the face this adjoins Nogera Ribagozana River and dam of Canelles and West Nogera Pallaresa and the dam of Camarasa. A place frequented by the descent by rafting rivers, although there is no wild waters of Pallars Lluca, in places such as Lavorsi, Sort, Spot or even La Pobla de Segur where we descend to visit the Raiers. However there is the option to go to bird’s eye view, in an area ideal for the free flight, paragliding, paramotor, paratrike or even flights with plane, exceptional by both morphological characteristics as weather. The ager Valley is oriented and/or leaving the slope of the Montsec consuiente South, so they will create unbeatable conditions of flight. It is there where are Club Ager of vol lliure and alsnuvols a school of free flight with the headquarters in Ager and their classes. The decreases are done from a place called campa mountain and fence with a slight slope that allows you get with height from all takeoffs of the Montsec and facilitates the inflated landing and the students from all directions. Miquel Monllau Monfort is a partner and trainer of Alsnuvols with a great career.