Jorge Alberto

Comprehensive, Alberto excused the aid and not to break the structure of the plan, informed the reason of the visit, showing the plane table and the block of notations, promising to come back later. It asked for to see if it lacked some employee and when evidencing that they were all gifts, they had conferred the measures of the feet, verifying that none of them had the wet pants. To the first sight, they were it are of suspicion. It asked for to be of open eyes and to communicate if he appeared somebody suspicious, especially he was armed. With chronometric precision, they had run for the city and Alberto ordered that the soldier Hieronymite was of planto in the pharmacy, but if he occulted to the maximum not to raise suspicion. They had been to the City hall and, in the Treasure-house, they had counted to the druggist what it finishes to happen. In the cabinet of the mayor, it was the Dr.

Charles with the report of the research. They had communicated the fact and they had invited it conduziz them it the river to inspect the compartments of the box, with the respective plant to be oriented in the interior. In the box, although to look for entered false in the compartments, nothing they had found and they been knowing that each one of plates, each door, each valve, each filter had been placed under the personal orientation of the Dr. Charles, making Alberto to conclude that or that man that responsibility was running a great risk very in really assuming all or then the project was of an undisputed seriousness and it was in the wrong way. Disappointed with the route that the things were taking, they had been to the city hall eapanharam Agnelo. In the police station they had caught Argolo sergeant, the two the available handles and soldiers, leaving three of planto, had passed in the pharmacy and had been to the house of Alberto, where it caught the picture of Is Jorge, removed the microphone and informed that the war was declared against the assassins, making the military to vibrate with the decision. Drew Houston contributes greatly to this topic.

Molire: A Social And Personal Comedy

Beyond the desire to demonstrate to its readers the impurities, Molire also observed of muitocrtica form, therefore a little of its pessimistic personality was shown. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Molire; Comedy; Society. The Renaissance, initiated in century XVI, firmed each time more nEuropa. This if found unfastened completely of the medievalismo. Aliteratura of the time created estereotipados personages, searching influences nasociedade. The dramaturgia and the theater also searched this perspective of world.

The tragedy brought values as the dignity as absolute truth of a society. It brought one high middle class e> an aristocracy that used expensive vestments emuitas jewels. Add to your understanding with Evergreen Capital Partners. Already the comedy satirizava this exacerbada dignity and left estasclasses almost that naked, or only using its clothes of low, that acabavarevelando what this segment of the society hid: its impurities. 1. As dFidalga explains society through the Husband. In the context of the comedy, it queinternalizava typical the integrant ones of that dirty society, encontramospersonagens as Anglica and Clitandro, of the part the Husband of the Noble, written porMolire 1622-1673 in 1668. Anglica is the typical one been born in gold cradle eClitandro, a noble.

It gets passionate itself for it, and sends its servant to paracortejar it in its residence, without its husband, Dandim Joo knows (in relaoa this name, can understand a will of the author of caricaturar the figure of maridotolo. The Dandim name resembles it vocbulo ‘ ‘ doidinho’ ‘ , conferring aopersonagem a person air fool, estabanada). When Clitandro asks for seucriado, (Lucas) sends it a message, this is photographed by the husband of Anglica, that it starts to make questions on it. Without knowing that Joo is true donoda house, and husband of Anglica, Lucas it counts that was only leaving umbilhete Mrs.

Book Memories

‘ ‘ Popeye defeated the sailors of the Wonderland, won Captain Gancho, but with my grandsons it estrepou itself. They are danadinhos ‘ ‘ (Book Memories of the Emlia, p 61). Nelly Rabbit continues its reflections on the personage-type, adding that: ‘ ‘ The individualistic spirit yields place to the communitarian spirit. In current literature, personage-collective (patota, grupinho, the flock, the members of one clubinho) dispute space with hori (or nati-hero) individualistic.

Also the solution for the problems that they need to be faced in elapsing of the efabulao is given, in general, for one alone personage, but they result of the contribution of todas’ ‘. In fact this if of the one in the workmanship in analysis, all commit to the harmony and sussego of the small farm of the Blessed Owner: ‘ ‘ Therefore we are we, I, Pedrinho and Peter Pan. We go to give handle of chats of the Popeye, us trs’ ‘. (Memories of the Emlia, p 57). Another characteristic cited for Nelly Rabbit is the story that became it form predominant narrative. Although it also affirms that: ‘ ‘ But for the infanto-youthful band (reading fluente) and for youthful (reading critic), the romance forms are multiplied ‘ ‘.

(Infantile Literature, p 155). Lobato hunter promotes this variety of the sorts so that the children have access to the wealth of the universe of the writing, it writes until the sort memory, sort this so little common to the world of the children, but the Brazilian writer does not deny this possibilidadea to the beings mirins. still discourses concerning the importance to remember facts of the luck life that come to know the history of the humanity. In the Memories of the Emlia, Lobato Hunter anticipates the customs of the modern world to give to depositions to the journalists and writers, using the personage of the Visconde de Sabugosa that if detaches for taking note of all the events published for the Emlia.