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But the situation also remains complicated for those countries that are implementing these healthier policies since, against the inflationary pressures that are kept, the international context is limiting the ability of local monetary policy to act since it increases certain unwanted effects. In recent days, the Moody s rating agency said this limitation which have the countries of the region in the continuity of the policy of rate hikes: among independent Central Bank with five Latin American countries, only Chile and Peru would have field to follow up, the rest no longer could do so where lies the problem to continue raising interest rates to control inflationary pressures? Although the effectiveness on the control of inflation in the use of interest rates as monetary policy instrument is not being called into question, the current context makes continuity of bullish cycle generates side effects. As part inflation comes from the high international prices of commodities, the use of interest rate loses part of its effectiveness as a portion of the increase in prices is beyond the control of monetary policy. It is for this reason that Latin American countries have had to increase their interest rates above the levels that would have been sufficient in the absence of such imported inflation. Read additional details here: Drew Houston. High interest rates prevailing in the countries of the region in combination with strong cuts made by the Fed in recent months, have significantly increased the rates differential. Thus, for example, differential rates with respect to the rate of the Fed (which after the last crop, is located at 2.25%), reaching 900 basics for Brazil and 750 basic points for Colombia. Also there has been an increase the differential in rates with respect to those in force in the currency markets of the countries of the first world have remained stable or with a slight drop, their interest rates. The differential rates together with the weakness of the dollar is generating a strong appreciation in the Latin American currencies.


General information, history, celebration touches Me for the first time in my time at Brindisi in this year, enjoy the enthusiasm of its people with regard to the celebration of its solemn week in honor to its patron saints Teodoro DAnasea and Lorenzo de Brindisi as know, Brindisi for its strategic position, was always in contrast with the neighbouring Taranto. In 267 BC C. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from TSI International Group. was conquered by the Romans. It was then an activisimo port and place of scale to the East and Greece connected to Rome through the consular Via Appia, the Regina Viarum and Appia Traiana. Episcopal see since the Apostolic age, was the promoter for the Christian evangelization of southern Apuglia.

Later Brindisi was conquered by the Goths and in the 6th century, including by the Byzantine Empire in its sphere of influence. The capital of the eponymous province in the region of Apulia. As Wikipedia says we have a magnificent natural harbor, an estuary which flows into the coast, important inter alia by the connections with Greece, Turkey and Albania. The mercantile traffic concerns coal, fuel oil, natural gas, chemicals. In the internal port are active, in the bosom of Levante, eleven moorings, for the development of 1.925 m with depths from 8.5 to 10 m. Medium port is mainly intended for commercial activities.

It is very pleasant to go to walk to its port, especially in the evenings, where a great dynamism manifests and enthusiasm of people, in addition to contemplate beautiful scenery, many visitors from foreign countries, as well as ships boats are going to Greece, Turkey, Albania. And more in August where its moist heat which sometimes touches the 40 degrees Celsius, being able to withstand with the freshness of the sea.


It is very important to teach our children not to take the alien. From an early age we inculquemos that when they find something that is not of them should give it in the first case is not still in school to the mother or any brother at home and later, when they attend kindergarten or elementary school it should be reported to teachers. Many children with this principle, are constantly reporting things that are school teachers. Drew Houston helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This deserves recognition on our part. And when it happens at home, we must reward when the child delivered something that has been found to strengthen the teaching of honesty.

At primary school we must emphasize this principle that is taught, so that children feel at home part of your little one be this teaching. If we allow our children to arrive at the House with any toy that is not of them and do not question, I could subsequently be continue bringing things that are possibly not We must not allow this. Tumblrs opinions are not widely known. We must be firm and ask our children that must return things to their owners and accompany them with penalty. I remember as my mother acted with us when we were kids, every time that we arrived with some toy that she had not we bought, made us we return it where we had picked it up, and if we didn’t gave us a good beating. This obviously does not recommend it for anything. My maternal grandparents were very strict with his children and my mother was also with us, a hard hand is sometimes good, but many times it hurts our being.

When it happens that our son took something alien, we should not beat him, that is not the way, but talking with him, why he did so; Perhaps you’re calling us attention on something that we’re failing. Our children are three and we were very strict with the first, I think it always happens this way, (all the first-born are suffering or with those who teach us or we teach to be parents), and with the latter we were more tolerant so that we do not azotamos but rather talked and turn more with him. This principle better learn our children, when they see that we as parents returned the change that someone gave us more, what they see in us repeat it, is something automatic. But if on the contrary, although we repeat every day not robbing or not take it outside and they see that we are left with a wallet full of money that we find in the work, they will not learn nor will be honest. They will say yes same, if my father returned no stranger, I will not do it. Although many times, children do not follow the bad parent steps. Be honest is to have many doors open, in different directions. By Profe. Ramiro Ruiz Rojas P.D.

The Process

In each situation in each call, on each claim in each response that I share with a client, in every interaction with my group work, etc., choose to motivate me or discourage me. This explains in part why the same action – for example an incentive – has much value to an average for another person and scarce for a third. Front of an incentive there is a trial of personal value, an internal conversation and a result which consists of a decision: motivates me not motivates me. The scheme is as follows: observation/Opinion. Action. Result when the results – in this case the level of motivation of staff of the contact – do not satisfy us, leaders and the organization went looking to actions that are behind these results. In the most of the time when we see this correlation, change some of those actions by others for best results, something that in fact happen at least for a time. Rarely headed instead look to the ideas that we have about the motivation, what is meant by motivation, what we say and especially what value judgements sustain it.

If our idea is that the motivation is something external that happens to people, which depends on the actions that the organization conducts to achieve will and persistence, there will be some actions that we will be possible (especially work to generate incentives on a permanent basis) and not others. If our idea instead is the motivation of our people there in a very personal component, beyond the organizational efforts in this regard, there will be other new shares that will be possible from this point of view, but that are outside the first option. For example: create spaces for listening and sharing about what motivates our people individually, to discover the discussions and the value judgments they make about what motivates them or not, raise the motivation as a skill that can help develop, and as such can be coachear, etc. Raise the level of motivation of individuals of the contact-center is a very good goal of coaching work. What can coaching do then?: Detect conversations of no-posibilidad in relation to what motivates.

Help design new conversations that open new possibilities. Develop the self-motivation as a skill of emotional intelligence. Identify the views that lead to be unmotivated. Generate new opinions based on broader motivation visions. Identify the associated emotions to the motivation. Generate motivational emotional contexts. Designing motivational talks. Recognize the process of decision about what motivates. Personally intervene in that process. Change the place of victims by the people responsible for our motivation. Decrease stress. Increase the satisfaction of customers. Etc. The proposal isn’t to put aside efforts by encouraging its people to perform the actions that are expected, but adding possibilities for intervention at individual and group level to develop self-motivation organizational. To conclude I believe that leaders in general and in particular areas of contact, have enormous potential to work to raise and maintain the motivation of its people, using tools of coaching, talking, learning more about its people, asking, listening, showing and proposing motivation as capable of self-development. Sources: ontology of language. R Echeverria. Ed. Granica original author and source of the article.

Dale Carnegie

When the relationship was built based on mutual respect will be easier to come to fruition in situations of conflict. However, even in these cases, it is sometimes difficult to reach agreement. This happens when both parties feel they have already ceded enough. How to proceed in these situations? Someone must take the first step; Although this implies greater vulnerability. Otherwise, the risks incurred are: not advance the objectives of the relationship by a stagnation or worse, end up with the relationship. You must not make the mistake of thinking that these people will stop by themselves cause conflicts if you ignore them. Address them in offensive manner because of his behavior nor leads to good results. The best way to bring about change with these people is to build positive connections with them.

For example: share time and know of their lives. Also, be sure to do focus on the conflict and not on people who are apparently involved in the. Blame only exacerbates the problem. Perform all the conversations that were necessary but always in private. Very often, the cause of conflicting personalities is due to factors outside the employment relationship. Beyond these considerations, the consultant group highlights these matters lead to the question of the main theme in labour relations: an open and honest communication is the foundation of any relationship.

This is achieved through an attitude to show confidence both in words and in fact, the study says. Fundamental condition listening is one of the core competencies in the communication process. Moreover, is probably one of the most outstanding aspects. It is impossible to reach mutual understanding when communication is unilateral, highlighted the experts of Dale Carnegie. They added that the development of interpersonal relations depends on a principle of the leader, who must adopt an attitude of commitment, accessibility and sensitivity in the process. Its function is to create necessary springs for the development of an atmosphere of openness, honesty and containment. A leader is who sets the tone of the business. To do so, as a first step, you must analyze aspects related with the characteristics of the organizational culture, the report concludes. Companies are demanding more engineers and more unmet labour demand technicians, according to data released by the Indec was 10.3%, is evident at the professional level, especially in the areas of engineering, production, systems and administration. Indec data analysis shows that production and maintenance jobs had an 84.9% unsatisfied demand, while management and administration was 11.8%. Human resources specialists say that in endemic form, i.e. several months ago, unmet labour demand in engineering, management and headquarters of production, maintenance and also in health and safety. According to the Indec, unsatisfied job demand climbs to 51.8% when it comes to search operators and 39.9% when referring to personnel with qualifications technical, while it drops to only 8.3 percent when it comes to professionals, with higher or professional title. In this way, the current situation presents a paradox: while a little less than 2 million people seeking employment, and there is another group that while you’re busy has a very poor employment and low wages at the same time there are companies that are seeking to personnel and who in many cases have a 100% unmet labour demand.

World Teacher Day

The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours. The work of the teacher is fortunately recognized by all that they live on this planet Earth, work that involves many values, commitments, dedication, reponsailidades, commitments. It is very valid when it points out that every day, on millions of classrooms around the world, takes place the universal effort of teaching and learning. The gift of literacy is transmitted from one generation to the next, next to the love of learning and thirst for knowledge. When you share knowledge, acquire skills and life can change the fact, that on October 5 was the day chosen by the education international and UNESCO to recognize the work that daily carry out teachers and teachers from around the world. Oct.

5, world teachers day is a day reserved for the global community to celebrate teachers and the central role they play in the care and guidance of infants, children, youth and adults through the long process of learning which is life. It is known that since 1993 held this day without forgetting to draw attention to the serious deterioration of the working conditions of many teachers. Armed conflicts, violence in classrooms, economic insecurity, limited human resources and materials among others, make every day more difficult to carry out a central task in the construction of our future society, the work of educating. World teachers day also highlights the recommendation concerning the status of teachers in higher education, in 1997. More than 100 countries celebrate World Teachers ‘ day.

The efforts of education international and its more than 300 member organisations have contributed to this broad recognition. The recommendation concerning the status of teachers was adopted on 5 October 1966 at a special intergovernmental conference held in Paris. It is the first International Declaration on the situation of teaching staff in history, and represented a major step in defining their responsibilities and enforce their rights around the world.

Letters Spanish

Spanish letters II Spanish letters there is much to talk about. In a first article I mentioned how amazing this language, which I assure you is combined with channeling messages from different planes. Even today I not out of my surprise, because I have met people that hadn’t seen more than two decades ago and that by chance threw them cards, who reminded me some decrees that in certain spins left and that the facts emerged days later. No doubt there are relationship and communication, with what we call the more beyond. It is a non-visible plane to our human eyes. The man still unknown all you have at your fingertips; Although in recent times have come a long way in physical and electronic development, as in the case of internet communications, sophisticated phones, among others. The cards have their symbols and also respond in the form of: Yes or no.

Arriving in the United States, I remained many questions regarding the outputs of my relatives and the possible meeting with me. Because I still keep many blog and books of questions I asked the Angels through Spanish letters, they noted the answers of Yes or not and over time by reviewing these questions, many have occurred or have been expressed really as such. Not all people have the ability to communicate, some profit with this means of communication and embusten to thousands of people. However, is given the case that through the letters can be located persons and missing items, can be alerts to prevent hazards or threats of disasters, if used in welfare and the good function. The forces of good and of light exist and manifest themselves; your help is in many ways. One of them are premonitions. Vehicles such as letters, the tarot, are for me an irrefutable fact of communication much more when the individual establishes a relationship with them on a daily basis.