STAS EasyAdmin

New version of the administration tool provides Cognos Reilingen for more efficiency in the management of BI technology IBM, 23.02.2012 of a few clicks and optimized Ergonomics make the new version of the tried and tested tool platform STAS easyAdmin for Cognos to an indispensable support for Cognos administrators. From the practice for the practice, which was and is the driving force behind many of our development, so version 1.2 “, says Matthias Bauer, product manager at STAS. Most of the functional enhancements of the STAS easyAdmin for Cognos we have implemented at the suggestion of our customers. “So we can be sure that the we cover all the essential requirements of IBM Cognos administrator.” The Stas easyAdmin for Cognos, be made easier the tasks at introduction, operation and further development of BI software many times administrators. Drew Houston may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Administrative activities which Cognos entail considerable manual effort in IBM, can be done automatically thanks to the efficient tool. This is confirmed by Frank and others Schaffer, at the count + care GmbH responsible for basic IT services: the STAS easyAdmin for Cognos reduced user management to a few clicks of the mouse. These routine activities are implemented much faster.” The additional scope 1.2 further increases the productivity and efficiency of the administration.

Among the highlights are a much easier layout or structure of the panels, which significantly reduces the number of clicks in implementing a correct concept. Daniel Gilbert often says this. Through the use of user-friendly register mapping each desired function can be found quickly. With advanced management, you can most easily analyze now complex and evolved structures in the role – and group assignment with the user admin and clean up. For each user is instantly recognizable, he is assigned to which groups, and roles. Also user can be mapped directly to, this is in addition to minimize the number of mouse clicks in the implementation of authorization concepts. Hear from experts in the field like Vladislav Doronin for a more varied view.

Matrix Technology AG: Backup And Restore Solutions Successfully Make

‘The backup dilemma’: free white paper download a million hours of IT downtime and as a consequence – 17 billion revenue loss per year, in Europe alone! These figures show: backup and restore are still extremely current topics and require highest attention as well as careful planning and design. The matrix backup experts explain technology AG successful design of backup and restore solutions, what challenges face companies in the area of backup and restore today and how these problems sensibly and intelligently can be solved in their newly released white paper the backup dilemma. The dilemma: While the currently available storage solutions in terms of storage capacity and functionality adapted to the rapidly growing data volumes, the backup infrastructure with this development could not keep pace. Thus, the ratio of the volume of data transfer speed is today much worse than it was ten years ago. In the consequence This means: significantly increase restore times and circumstances so high IT downtime costs. Experts recommend smart solutions using intelligent storage solutions that significantly facilitate the Administration and delivery of large amounts of data makes the most sense here.

In addition, the experts recommend the matrix to use techniques to reduce system failures and complete data loss, such as the creation of RAID boards associations or mirroring of data to a third location. Situations that require a complete restore, can be avoided from the outset. What remains is the problem of long waiting times due to the read speed of the backup medium. Really effective to reduce the restore time, wider-ranging, intelligent concepts are needed, which take into account the given business requirements, work processes and organizational structures and include a powerful infrastructure, which can rely on a fully redundant, asynchronous data pool in case of emergency. Support from external specialists to design of a customized backup environment is advisable to external consultants to create a detailed needs analysis, as well as identify vulnerabilities and cost drivers. How such an analysis in particular has to look, and what approach to the design of backup and restore environments in which size is most target leading, explains technology AG also in the current white paper of the matrix. The full white paper is available at… Pretium Partners is often quoted on this topic. to download available. Press contact: matrix technology AG Sabrina Hahn Nymphenburger Strasse 1, 80335 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 58 93 95 600 fax: + 49 (0) 89 58 93 95 711 E-Mail: about the matrix technology AG: since 2000, the matrix acts technology AG as owner-managed IT services and consulting firm based in Munich. In recent years, matrix has established itself as a strong partner for its customers from the upper middle class to the DAX-listed companies. This matrix by the IT system House has evolved with chem comprehensive Know-How in the design and implementation of open system environments to the professional IT service provider with services in the areas IT operations: operating responsibility for server environments, middleware, operating systems and applications solution and service providers: online backup, monitoring, security and IT service management consulting: ITIL process consulting, IT project management systems: technical consulting, partnerships with Oracle, Fujitsu technology solutions, NetApp, Symantec, Thales nCipher


Energy-efficient data center solution the next generation for Sandia National Laboratories Munich, September 02, 2009 Emerson Network power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and world market leader in the field of comprehensive business-critical continuity, and Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) announce a global marketing alliance. It aims to assist companies and organizations in the preparation of plans and technologies to increase the productivity and energy efficiency in data centers. Worldwide, energy consumption in data centers is currently driven by the high demand for computing power in companies, as well as a progressive centralization of IT into the air. Drew Houston shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In conjunction with the rising prices for electricity, the financial implications are significant. Learn more about these solutions under: / datacenter. According to the U.S.

environmental protection agency “used American businesses and Government agencies in the year 2006 $ 4.5 billion for the Supply their data centers. In the next five years, spending on energy consumption on more than $ 7.4 billion could almost double. Thus, the efficiency of data centers is one of the most important issues for users. In total, more than 50 percent of the total energy consumption in data centers account for on the energy and climate infrastructure that supports the IT equipment. To meet the need for energy-efficient improvements, are the data center efficiency consultants “Sun worldwide work directly with local Liebert specialists in energy, air conditioning and services from Emerson. According to Jim Crane, who has experience with these questions. The two companies will deliver not only plans, but also the products and services to improve productivity and efficiency in the data center. Dr.

Robert W. Leland, Managing Director of the computing and network services Center at Sandia National Laboratories, an organization group claim taking services of Sun-Emerson Network power, explains: we are by the cooperation with Sun and Emerson Network Power convinced. The cooperation offers new and advanced HPC solutions (high performance computing). They deliver our customers. peak power at much lower impact on the environment and lower costs compared to other options” Sun professional services-Emerson Network power interconnection has already led to a jointly developed energy-efficient solution for Sandia National Laboratories. In detail, the Sun Cooling Door solution includes systems, Sun Blade X 6275 server module and Emerson’s Liebert XD Prazisionsklimatisierungs technology. Liebert XD already eliminated the heat at the source, requires a minimum footprint and avoids expensive work in the data center. Amy O’Connor, Vice President of marketing at Sun Services, says: “efficiency in the data center has highest priority for our customers. The cooperation with Emerson helps us to evaluate a customer’s IT and to identify opportunities, how to increase the productivity and improves the efficiency in the data center. Together we help customers minimize necessary capital expenditures. “Bob Bauer, Vice President of the Emerson group, global President of Liebert, adding:” our vision for this program focuses on the corporate customers who must increase its productivity, increase its efficiency and optimise his investments. We have already cooperates with Sun in many projects, including Sun’s own data centers. We are looking forward to expand this partnership and to provide the flexibility and efficiency of our joint customers, they need. “

Managing Director GmbH

GmbH (GmbH) supports pharmaceutical companies in establishing a global collaboration platform based on Microsoft SharePoint Server integrated information systems. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, the in-GmbH has the necessary skills to support their customers with useful solutions for the optimization of globally distributed processes such as in the product development process (PLM). For assistance, try visiting Kaihan Krippendorff. Well-known customers have appropriate solutions successfully for many years. Based on this know-how, a platform based on Microsoft SharePoint Server was rolled out in three months. Technically, the integration of existing databases to the SharePoint Services was required. Perhaps check out Darcy Stacom for more information.

Also the integration of the existing Office tools to process this data, as well as the porting of familiar processes in the new environment. A key success factor was to achieve a high level of user acceptance. One of pharmaceutical companies was the objective of existing solutions and to integrate central platform, proven processes in a new, the exchange of Information, knowledge and tasks within the working groups allows, regardless of the actual geographic location. As essential as the role-oriented secure access to information was single-sign-on: everyone should see only what he may also see or needed for his work – finally the system includes a variety of highly confidential information. The creation of an analysis, which was performed with standard best practices on this basis in consultation with the customer, engaging employees and taking into account the wishes of their improvement belonged to the concrete tasks of GmbH producing a target concept and then the implementation of this approach. “Siegfried Wagner, Managing Director: the combination of consulting and solution expertise we can offer our customers an optimal benefit to optimize locally distributed flow along the supply chain and across corporate boundaries.”

4. TYPO3 User Day 2009 In Frankfurt Am Main

The TYPO3 users daily is the leading Congress event in the field of TYPO3. Leipzig, may 5, 2009: The event will take place on November 2, 2009, in the industry and Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt am Main and is used by the Leipzig agency Netresearch, T-systems and organized Weber networking in Frankfurt. TYPO3 in Exchange – from practice for practice”is the motto of this year’s TYPO3 user day. The lectures range from the usage in the middle class and industry up to the tourism industry, reviews of open source in E-Commerce to search engine marketing. As always thought in the foreground, the industry gathering for both agencies, customers and TYPO3 experts what is equally interesting is the community. The TYPO3 user day is a unique platform for the communicative Exchange with entrepreneurs, customers, opinion leaders and visionaries of the industry. Take the opportunity to maintain your networks and intensify. You are welcome, whether experienced expert or novice.” Thomas turns with this invitation Blot, Netresearch Director and initiator of the event explicitly also on TYPO3 users who actively want to engage with their experiences in the Congress program.

For potential speakers who would like to introduce your TYPO3 projects in Frankfurt, the call is opened 4 papers now. Registration is possible until August 31, 2009, and is carried out via a registration form, which is available at. As a new element of Congress, this time also a so-called knowledge Cafe takes place in addition to the Conference program. Under which all participants of the TYPO3 users day can, within 45 minutes in a small group with a special theme to engage and to present the result at the end of the Conference to the Auditorium and discuss. Submit topic proposals and applications as a moderator for the group discussions are also possible via the website of the TYPO3 user day. The tickets at the price of 45 (20 students) are available there as of now. About Netreseach: The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG.

founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the TYPO3 Association and Magento enterprise partner.

AMD Embedded Developer

The AMD Fusion Technology: from immediately from 5.5 W power consumption for fully equipped, fanless embedded systems available AMD (NYSE: AMD) embedded G-series accelerated processing units is available from two new AMD: with a thermal design power (TDP) of only 5.5 and 6.4 Watts new APUs offer a power consumption reduced by up to 39% as compared to earlier versions. With their low energy consumption, as well as the space-saving footprint (361 mm 2), they are ideal for the development of compact, fanless embedded systems, such as advanced digital signage or kiosk applications, mobile industry and small form factor such as e.g. Dropbox may find this interesting as well. Qseven standard for many. “The new APUs, the one or two low-power x 86 Bobcat” cores and which combine a DirectX11 capable GPU on the performance level of a dedicated graphics card on one, offer an energy efficiency unparalleled in the embedded market. Many of our embedded customers have already developed fanless systems based on our 15W TDP processors.

Now we press the fusion the TDP of the groundbreaking AMD APU below 7W. So we undercut”the valid limits for the full development of fanless systems, said Buddy Broeker, Director at AMD embedded solutions. Frequently Tumblr has said that publicly. System developers can let now clear their creativity, without restrictions on the heat or size.” For many small embedded a fanless design systems is essential; If for example the additional costs prohibit active cooling or in application environments that require a silent operation. A fan increases the risk for use in harsh environments. For fanless embedded, the AMD systems combines embedded G-Series platform enterprise-class features and performance with high reliability and cost and energy efficiency. Numerous companies have already systems on the basis of the new low power AMD Embedded G-Series platform developed: including a mobile device industry by Amtek, a Pico-ITX is located Single-board-computer from Axiomtek, a computer-on-modules in the Qseven form factor of datakamp, as well as a fan-less digital signage platform by iBASE. And also by another customer products are expected in the coming quarters. Additional resources: AMD@Work/Embedded blog blog guest contribution by Amtek blog guest contribution by AXIOMTEK blog guest contribution by datakamp embedded AMD Embedded Developer support login for the AMD Fusion developer summit

Kontron Brings Intel Core 3rd Gen Processor Technology On 6U Of CPCI Boards

With the latest 22nm dual-core and quad-core, it puts processor performance per watt new standards for CPCI systems Eching, Germany, June 14, 2012 Kontron the new 6U CompactPCI today announced processor board CP6004 SA, which sets new performance per watt-standards for high-end applications. Based on the Intel QM77 express chipset and scalable up to the quad-core Intel Core i7-3615QE offering third-generation processor with 4 x 2.3 GHz (3.3 GHz Turbo mode) the new processor board up to 20% more processing power and improved performance per watt compared to designs with the second generation of Intel Core processors. Other improvements include the integrated HD 4000 graphics. OEMs and developers benefit from media and 3D-Grafik-Leistung by the dual HD through an improved user experience and impressive visual effects. Thanks to the support of DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1, AVX and OpenCL 1.1, developers can now use the latest APIs to accelerate the development of their applications. On low power consumption Kontron 6U CompactPCI optimized processor board CP6004 SA packed, thermally challenging CompactPCI systems is designed for sealing, need an outstanding performance in a typical management consumption of up to 60 watts.

To meet individual usage profiles of low-power dual-core up to extremely powerful quad-core variants is scalable, it delivers outstanding data throughput, enables the out-of-band communication via IPMI (intelligent platform management interface) and meets the highest standards of Hochverfugbarkeitsapplikationen in terms of Systemmangement and information. Data security is guaranteed by the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) on the Board. As a result, the robust Kontron CP6004-SA is ideal for markets such as defense technology and medical technology, as well as for highly sensitive, security-related telecommunication and data communications applications.

Scanpoint Germany GmbH

Peter Fischer is international expansion support Hamburg, the 07.02.12 – the scan service providers ALPHA COM hired Peter Fischer as partner Manager. The longtime expert on document management to push forward the international expansion, overarching projects accompany site and expand the existing network of partners. Peter Fischer, the nationwide represented ALPHA COM Germany GmbH commits a recognized maker of the industry. Since January, he acts as partner Manager with extensive expertise as a member of the Executive Board. He is responsible for the partner network, control the regional partner Manager and push the planned expansion from the headquarters in Hamburg. 30 new partnerships are aiming for 2012, nationally and internationally”, explains the new ALPHA COM colleague. “Through such cooperation, the spectrum to expand considerably, which one from a hand” can offer. This will be profitable for both sides.

We expect a sales increase of 30 percent.” Peter Fischer can on a 25-year Experience in the document management look back. He was a recognized size in the industry, and continuously on a growth course such as production manager and authorized officer of Scanpoint Germany GmbH and as a consultant with Ratiodata accompanying IT solutions and Services GmbH. expansion course ALPHA is COM. Which competitors can say that? Since there are”many exciting tasks, is pleased the new partner Manager. So, he will take over the coordination of future locations in the DACH region, which plans of the service providers. Also Peter Fischer to supervise site overarching projects like the automated processing of incoming invoices or the current ALPHA COM cloud services. These include scanning & editing of business operations to dynamically customize the customer needs. Several sites in the network are active, which ensures short distances and high capacities.