Thomas Lloyd Inflation Protection

The price increases of the commodity and import prices raise concern about an inflationary development in Germany to lower inflation means the reduction of purchasing power, the money is simple and poignant less value. So, keeps even Deutsche Bank Chief Economist Thomas Mayer, an increase in the inflation rate in the next two to three years to four percent for possible, left in the trade journal quote anyway, with this statement. Rosenstein’s JANA Partners – assets in socially responsible fund will not settle for partial explanations. Michael Sieg as founder and Chief Executive Officer of ThomasLloyd declares in consequence, many investors and savers now face the situation that their capital getting worse interest rate, while the loss of value of money rises on the other”. So around 1850 billion euros in the form of savings, as well as in vision, time and savings are currently – after appropriate statistical surveys – banks and Sparlassen, carried out often without or only with the lowest interest rates. Also in the area of occupational pensions and pension funds the inflation issue has arrived.

So she has Consultancy towers Watson on it, Pensionsverantwortliche to insert more and more long-term bonds with inflation protection. And the German CEO of the U.S. fund company fidelity can be amended to cite that the topic of inflation drives to more and more decision-makers in the field of occupational pensions, in a post. In securing old age it comes to having a safe and positive Cash Flow to meet a long-standing supply destination excluding capital consumption”, explains Klaus-Peter cherry, head of private wealth management at the ThomasLloyd group. According to the financial experts are therefore different initial conditions to create, which allow a market-driven interest rate as well as a corresponding compensation for inflation. ThomasLloyd operates as a global financial services company headquartered in Zurich, in the areas of investment banking, securities and investment management. Clients include companies, financial intermediaries, institutional investors, high net worth individuals, but also several ten thousand conventional investors, since 2003 in a variety of innovative financial products of the ThomasLloyd group have invested. ThomasLloyd has created the DuoZins loan for this purpose.

It offers the chance to combine the security and predictability of a fixed-income investment with the yield potential of a floating rate financial investment and thus on each market situation to be optimally prepared for investors. There is inflation protection also, because rising interest rate and repayment claim directly with the rate of inflation. As the interest rate will be a 1.5 per cent (for the ten-year period) or a higher interest rate one percent (for five years) granted, as the so-called ECB interest rate so the interest to the banks in Germany itself can refinance. The minimum interest rate (floor) of the ThomasLloyd DuoZins bond is up to 4.5 percent depending on the runtime per year.

ECI Capital

Hoped support layer found; Vertical hole completed successfully; Analysis of the log-in data soon Stuttgart, 24.05.2011. In less than two weeks, and thus much earlier than planned, the specialists of the energy capital invest completed successfully the first vertical hole in Leon County. In about 8,000 feet deep (2,500 m) the energy capital invest has encountered this with Leon 1 same oil conveying layer, which currently gives wells in the vicinity of up to 600 barrels of oil / day, as well as reservoirs of up to 500,000 barrels of oil exploration results. The 1.5-kilometer horizontal drilling, which is then blown up along the entire length was also already started. As a completely new procedure applied for the hole where already during drilling, additional information is gathered, now independent experts can evaluate the log-in data in just a few days and so very timely detailed statements to the Leon 1. They now proven oil conveying layer shows that we have properly located with the decision for Leon County”, ECI’s Managing Director Kay Rieck explains. Wells surrounding due to the results of the exploration is also very likely that the energy capital invest will achieve significantly higher support revenue with Leon 1, than originally assumed in the calculation of the Fund it. Furthermore, the safety potential of US oil and gas Fund X KG has risen with the now proven support layer.

Because the expected exploration results and commodity pools will promptly multiply the value of the mineral extraction rights free of charge provided by the initiator. The rapid development is mainly against the background of the current oil prices benefit. Experts assume that the current oil price of about $100 and more per barrel will remain longer term oil of Brent. Once again the management of energy capital invest has his sense of attractive development areas demonstrated exceptional potential. For Leon County, a region some 80 kilometers south of Houston, currently is certainly true as the Erdolhotspot in the region. Already at a very early stage it could secure mineral extraction rights with an area of more than 17,000 acres (about 70 sq. km) and that too very attractive prices. Although the management recently decided to increase the initial participation amounting to 20 million euro, a stake in the US should be only a short time possible oil and gas Fund X KG due to the continued high positioning speed.

Managing Director

More assisted decided capital Stuttgart in Texas purchased peroxid. The energy capital invest could place the minimum volume of U.S. oil and gas Fund X KG amounting to 20 million euros in absolute record time of only about three weeks. The high placement rate is exceptional even for the not little success-drenched Stuttgart energy specialists. Also, because the acquisition of the equity capital of the US oil and gas Fund IX KG, a private placement with a minimum 200,000 euro runs well above average. The management of the energy capital invest has decided the capital increase provided for in the Statute, for the US oil and gas Fund X KG.

The increase makes sense, because we currently can invest in more, highly interesting production areas in Texas and benefit directly from the extremely attractive price”, explains Kay Rieck as Managing Director of the energy capital invest. Moreover, increased due to the better distribution of Fund-related costs the investment ratio of the US oil and gas Fund X KG. The beneficial ownership of the MC-wells-7 and 8 production units had the US oil and gas Fund X KG first “secured in the McMullen County. The area located in Texas, is the largest on the North American continent among experts as one and has a very good infrastructure for the production of oil and natural gas. The special thing about the current participation: The mineral extraction rights must not be acquired by the fund company, but were already at the beginning of the placement indirectly brought by the energy capital invest and made available to the Fund free of charge. The funds are in, primarily all exploration proceeds, as well as the right of exploitation from the sale. In the past few months, the energy capital invest their position on the could expand U.S. oil and gas market.

Leon County were among other mineral extraction rights in the assisted areas of proven successful”and West Texas”acquired, which both have a very good infrastructure for the transport and processing of oil and gas. In a very short time, our team in the United States could acquire more than 35,000 acres in the two Hotspots Leon County and West Texas. With these recent acquisitions has”the energy capital invest over positions in the U.S. oil and gas market of more than 185,000 acres, representing an area around 730 square kilometres, says Rieck. Only a short time participation from at least 15,000 euros to the now tenth Fund of leader is possible. And with a term until the end of 2013 is the US oil and gas Fund X KG back to a real short term. Investors achieve a nominal return of about 14 percent a year during this time. A nominal two percent early artist bonus is granted also until May 19. The first reduced is planned already for the third quarter of 2011. In addition, the distributions are conception according to to the progression of the retention tax in Germany.