Car Price Drops

You know that when your car will become cheaper? And so, for example, just bought a new car Let us estimate the time reduces the cost of cars. As soon as the car drove away from the shiny new car dealership, once its price has fallen by 9 – 11%. Each specialist secondary car market will tell you that in its first year, the car depreciates more than most. Drew Houston brings even more insight to the discussion. For the six-month master's car is new, but any potential buyer thinks it 'b / y'. Vlad Doronin gathered all the information. The next stage of the revision of prices downward will occur after the warranty period. And now, after five years, your car is already at 45-50% less than the dealer's showroom, and even in equipment is not capable significantly increase the cost.

The situation is complicated for those who bought a car loan. If you have become dependent on the bank, then you will incur substantial losses – apart from the natural reduction in price is added to the burden interest payments on the loan and not weak hull insurance price. And this is a huge minus for your budget, because the credits do not go back to selling your car. Losses are very unpleasant, and yet have to overpay for about 15 – 25% of the price auto year! But there is a downside – this situation is 'at hand' who want to buy a car, the stronger and faster fell the car accordingly advantageous to make a purchase. Knowledgeable people give advice to buy a car, a which the warranty was for four – five months. Length of warranty service ranges from 2 to 5 years, depending on the model. For example, for some Kia models offer a guarantee of up to five years, and the Chevrolet models usually limited to two years.

Also, the warranty period may be reduced if the car has great mileage, I believe it to remember. What is the advantage of the existing auto warranty period? Yes, everything is clear – immediately after making sales have to drop into the pits at a service station dealer survey, and if there are defects – repair for free or pay discount. Close attention to mileage cars. Considered normal mileage 15,000 – 25,000 km per year. Quite often come across cars with a mileage of 60000 – 80000 km already in the first year of operation of such vehicles should look closely very meticulously. Most likely, these machines are actively exploited anywhere in taxis, delivery services, or corporate garages. Buy a car without a painstaking technical inspection does not need to be alert to the fact that she will 'pour'.


Maybe we should start with the fact that if you do not do professional restoration, tuning or repairing the vehicle, then consider the car as an investment of money does not make sense. Meanwhile, this approach to buying a car when the car is purchased for subsequent resale is ubiquitous. In this case, of course, it makes sense to write, not about investing money, and experiments on life’s journey, where each successive car – more expensive and prestigious. Further, the terms we decided, let’s get to the point. Do you have a dream – a car X, and very expensive at the moment you afford it but can not without wheels in our time anywhere. Therefore, in the short term you want to buy something that will be enough money, but after a while to re-sell and buy something that expensive, which would then sell again and again and again, until it is long-awaited moment of buying a car X-Men. How to overcome this road with the minimum cash embezzlement.

The main thing that should be done – this is, of course, deal with a list of acceptable from your point of view of cars here and now – at this stage of your life’s journey. After that, for each position have to make the pricing table. The table should include prices from authorized dealers at bezprobezhnye machine. In the next step, find out the average prices for probezhnye cars of different ages. It is advisable to include back-line with the prices of employee vehicles, two-year cars and so on.

What is more, this table, the better. It is clear that the cost depends on mileage and overall state. For this reason, it is necessary to take the average market price of cars with average mileage. Cost bezprobezhnyh machines can be specified on the official websites of dealers, prices on probezhnyh automotive flea market. You can visit any site selling Mighty Owned in your area or go to the car market and negotiate with vendors face to face. Once the table is necessary to draw up this table, derived table and write there a price difference. As soon as it becomes clear what kind of cars the least susceptible to loss in value. On the one hand, all this may seem boring, the other tangible benefits worth effort. Of course, the method proposed here does not help you earn a penny, save money, he will without a doubt. At the end, it should be noted that in addition to the difference in purchase and sale of not less significant is the cost of operation.