Infrared Cabins

How infrared and color light applications to the physical and mental well-being contribute Usingen, 15.11.2011 – when the nights longer and the days are colder help infrared cabins with heat and light of color against the autumn – and winter blues. This is not a slogan but a proven scientific fact. Either through direct treatments with mud, water or oil heat treatments, or relax the muscles, not only because of an application in the infrared cabin, but also indirectly disclose heat. In the infrared cabin with heating panels, there are long wave radiation in the safe C-rays range, which go under the skin and activate the blood circulation. The heat energy produced spreads almost out from the inside in the body, without having the circuit due to high air temperatures – in the sauna there is at least an indoor temperature will be charged by up to 100 degrees Celsius -.

The warming effect is intensified by a color bath, which is one of the facilities in any good infrared cabin, depending on personal needs. Blue Light ensures for example harmonisation and red light in the infrared cabin is available for activation. The light and heat in the infrared cabin produce inner thermal effects, whose Auswirkungen were investigated on the psyche into scientific studies. A recent study by the researchers Williams and Bargh of Yale/United States University, dealt with the interaction of internal and external heat *. The result of many attempts is heat stimuli from the outside not only physiologically on the body soak, but create a “warm” feeling. Heat associated security – know that already infants, who are looking for body contact, the body heat. Heat supports a sense of well-being and mental blockages.

Who radiates warmth, affect others more likable and is even emphatic. Applications in infrared cabins provide heat incentives that affect not just relaxing on the limbs, but improve mental well-being. Who sign up for the “hot spa practice” in the Infrared cabin will decide, will find many attractive offers, which can be realized above all in small rooms or apartments for rent. Infrared cabins are in a few steps on ascending to the layman and degraded and need only a household outlet for commissioning. Consult a specialist for infrared cabins: * read in the journal “Science”. Description of the company my sauna GmbH was founded in 2006 by Norbert Casellini and his wife Sylvia. In the same year was launched for the online shop, which specializes in the sales and consulting on high-quality infrared cabins. The successful shop founder recorded since then continuously growing customer and product sales, owing to on three essential criteria for success:-infrared cabins are a real alternative to the sauna on impact, space and installation costs. -The infrared heat cabins featured in the online shop are tested and GmbH-certified quality products in self construction from high-quality woods and technical equipment – the high quality of advice both online and in personal contact via the free Info Hotline or during a visit to the exhibition spaces of my sauna are outstanding qualities for an optimal customer service and support.