The Way

Making with that the child desperte the interest and the capacity to construct its proper ideas. To know more about this subject visit David Green. Displaying them in way significant not only for itself exactly, but interacting with others and making with that the child if feels the will and believes that it is capable to construct knowledge in the collective, that is, as were a used instrument in the communication with the way where it lives. Come to be a significant knowledge. 2.2 LANGUAGE OF THE BODY One of the characters of the corporal language and to make possible the child, activities take that them to a new way that can allow a learning with quality and being able to thus have a better relation in the communication and being able to develop its abilities better. Through the corporal activities the child not only develops affectively as well as socially and mentally the child learns to make relation inside of what it is considered to it and constructing its proper knowledge.

It is important to strengthen the child who it can learn of a pleasant form, through the corporal language. Valley to stand out that it is important the participation and socialization between children. The environment stimulates the child to be dynamic and to know the differences and to know to deal with the same one, to express through gestures what it thinks, therefore, these knowledge is only possible of if constructing for intermediary of the language that each day if it renews providing dynamic knowledge in the learning. Actress and filmmaker recognizes the significance of this. 2.3 LANGUAGE OF GEOGRAPHY The language of geography allows the child since the initial series to know and to have notion of what it is geography to know that this geographic language is not limited, space, maps and landscape, but being able also to be presented as media bringing diverse to know related to this language.