Windows Media Car

Radio PIONEER DEH-P7000UB – CD/MP3-resiver function with iPod Direct Control, USB input and three high-voltage output of the preamplifier. Do you want to add the power of your car audio system or turn the car into a multimedia center on wheels. Drew Houston has similar goals. Receiver DEH-P700UB and provide you with high capacity, and provides rich communication capabilities. Due to the presence of three high-voltage preamp outputs, you can connect it to up to three amplifiers and speakers systems. By issuing a strong signal with less noise and higher accuracy, high-outs reduce demands on the input circuits of amplifiers, so they can work with a smaller gain. As a result, you get better audio quality and a wider dynamic range.

You are also provided rich opportunities for connecting external devices. Connect your iPod directly to the receiver using the acquired separate cable (CD-IU50). Thus you have complete control over the player control panel CD-receiver, in this case, when the iPod is not used, its battery is recharged. And a convenient and simple solution. By the receiver can also be connected music player via the USB-located in the back of the USB-in. Or, if you have any other source, you can connect via a rear auxiliary (aux) input. All this allows you to enjoy your entire music collection, whether it is stored on a CD, from iTunes or Windows Media or in the memory of many other devices. The presence of a receiver to connect via IP-Bus allows you to turn your car into a multimedia center on wheels. It suffices to complement the CD-changer, DVD-player or a TV tuner. In addition, you can purchase Bluetooth-adapter (CD-BTB200) which allows all the amenities a mobile phone without any wires during movement.


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