Transparency Screen

Remover Pinkerton sore point for many owners of the tubes become their displays. In active use (and especially if the display is slightly convex, for example, the Siemens S25) on the screens appear inevitable scratches and malosimpatichnye spots. But if you want both of you can get rid of. The models of manufacturers (eg, Ericsson) displays of real glass, and scratch them uneasy. However, there is a tube (most models Nokia), in which the screen is made of two glasses. Outside protects the internal mechanical damage. Strictly speaking, this is not glass, and Plexiglas. Over time, become worthless outside – becomes cloudy because of the many mikrotsarapin.

Return the original luster and Transparency helps special abrasive paste. (Source: Drew Houston). Grinding can expose only acrylic – scratch that cause cloudiness will disappear and the screen will look like new. At present, the same polished glass paste will not have the desired action. And then the only way to get rid of scratches – to replace the glass. Service centers for this procedure you will be charged 150-300 rubles, depending on the model of the machine. Grinded paste is $ 8-10 per tube and, as far as we know, Russia is not performed. Service centers and fairly advanced users buy it abroad – in Germany or Finland.

However, buy a tube of individuals do not make much sense, because its more than enough to multiple phones, and expiration date paste, usually limited. Some service centers are taken to perform sanding screen mobile phone for 50 rubles. Grinding process is simple: paste is applied to the surface of the display and rubbed with a chamois or a soft piece of thick fabric. As a result of annoying minor scratches will disappear! An example of such pastes give Hama Displex. In turn, for cleaning the display of grease, fingerprints and dirt can use a special spray firm BASF. It is designed for screens of cell phones and glasses hours. Price for one bulb is about $ 5. It does not remove scratches, but now cleans glass well. Before the ‘washing’ machine must off and remove the battery. Then apply the liquid on the screen and wipe it clean with a paper towel or a piece of soft suede. To fight pollution screen mobile phone with cotton wool slightly moistened with water or soap solution, is also possible. However, there should act very carefully and thoroughly wring out the water (not over a pipe). True, the cleaning effect is likely to be wrong. Yes and no scratches ototresh water.


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