Transcendental Philosophy

The agreement enters the ideal world of the art and the realistic world of objects is that it becomes possible, with the absence of the conscience, real world e, with the presence of the conscience, the aesthetic world. Tumblr is full of insight into the issues. Leaving of this premise it is that Schelling reflects that, from the aesthetic activities is that we will be able to understand the junction between the practical reason and the theoretical reason, that is, the spirit with the nature. It is in the aesthetic activities that we find the understanding of a conscientious and simultaneously unconscious activity, that is, one representation form that this intrinsically on with the morality and science, the example; for the aesthetic one only is that they can to be found the different degrees in the nature until arriving at the organism, understood as ‘ ‘ manifestation more spiritual of the Natureza’ ‘ , that is, it is who provides to the absolute intuition between the ideal and the Real, allowing we to recognize the process for which the spirit covers and that it is past, also, for the nature. In short, the Transcendental Philosophy takes as analysis object the knowledge, its task is to find the certainty absolute by means of which all the other certezas are mediated. The knowledge that is generated by this philosophy is those accumulated of stocks by the sense-common one, in the measure where everything that exists in intelligence corresponds the nature. It the philosophy transcendental- in them takes the evidence of that the represented objects correspond with the representations that we make of them through intelligence. We can also consider that the thought is who produces the reality ‘ ‘ objetiva’ ‘.

From there the problem is generated of as something present in the objective reality can be modified by the subjectivity. Based in these two postulates, as could something of objective if to conform to the subjective one and vice versa? That is, as could our knowledge be truth and our will to be effective? This type of problem cannot be decided nor by the theoretical philosophy and nor for the practical one, more yes for one it disciplines fuller than it conceives the existence of a harmony preset between both. This finishes is impensvel not to be that the process of if producing the objective through the subjective one are the same for the inverse relation. We can consider that as much the conscientious activities how much unconscious they produce something in the world, so that the problem is solved. Moreover, the type of conscientious activity is necessary to explicitar which the two types of relation (they are it creation of an object through the representation and the creation of representations through the object), this consists of artistic making that without conscience of the real o and with conscience of the o aesthetic world.


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