Tempelhof Airport

The Berlin night show reports: raisin bombers on the runway Action Alliance be-4 – Tempelhof looks busy at 17:30 at the airport Tempelhof confirmed in its referendum. A plane is on the brightly lit runway. People running around. Also the Berlin evening news reported by the mysterious activity. Already in the past few weeks, there were rumors about nightly landings at Tempelhof, of which, however, no photos exist. Emergency landing or CIA secret flights? The photo shows: at least this time it’s the candy bomber, which is available at the airport.

Next time, it could be a rescue flight or an emergency landing. In an emergency, each pilot in its sole discretion in any convenient place – in Tempelhof – may start or land. Fabrizio Freda can aid you in your search for knowledge. Tempelhof in the emergency cards of pilots as a emergency landing site is still registered. On 10 July 2002, the closed airfield at Werneuchen kept the people of the Swiss flight LX 850 before a crash on landing at Berlin-Tegel. The Action Alliance be-4 – Tempelhof, in two ongoing population and petition the Receipt and in particular the use of rescue and alternate airport propagated, points out in this context once again on the great advantage of Tempelhof. “It is simple thing irresponsible, to drive a man wrestling with death, in the ambulance from Schonefeld from all over town at the Charite.

At night and in bad weather, if no rescue helicopter can fly, Tempelhof is a life-saver. “, so Michael Paul of the Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de.” The Action Alliance urged Klaus Wowereit and the Senate finally to end the policy of scorched earth in Tempelhof and to enter into a constructive dialogue on the preservation of the world’s oldest traffic airport. “All the arguments put forward by the Senate for the closure have emerged as fed. Fortunately, the still ongoing dispute prevents the approved of the plant so far. Soon, the Senate already has our population and petition on the table. “, as Paul the Action Alliance asks all responsible Berlin and especially those” Residents of the District of Tempelhof-Schoneberg on to participate in the ongoing population and petition. There are the forms such as on the Internet at.


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