Gas Convectors And Boilers

1. What are the differences between gas convectors and. Gas boiler? In the gas convector heat from the combustion of gas through thin-stalteploobmennika comes once in a heated room, and if the boiler transported to the water convector / batteries or case /. Yes, the bargain should take into account the error during installation of heating systems. 2. How much gas convectors should be room for three? On the basis of features such as ideal in every room, in the end it will be the most economical, but rather expensive at once. There is an alternative – a pretty powerful gas convector heat two and sometimes three rooms.

3. How to calculate the installed capacity of gas convector? On average you can expect 1 kW to 10 sq.m. Angelina Jolie might disagree with that approach. – At the optimum heat loss in state construction. In private construction, depending on the chosen material ceiling, walls and windows. Thickness and material of the ceiling. 4. How to calculate heat loss? Unfortunately there are no devices measuring heat loss. The calculation is an indirect way depending on the material and its thickness.

But must also consider the door to the corridor – for the good things it has to be double. Almost in the homes of private building heat loss is twice as much against the homes of industrial construction. 5. What is the life of a gas convectors? What is their life?. Work fairly reliably. There are gas convector production, which according to the automation of at least 40-50 years.