Economic System

How many horasxhomens per year we are spending to keep our administration current politics? How many horasxhomens per year we spend with the executive? How many horasxhomens per year we spend per year with the legislative? with the judicial power? Easy questions to answer; however, of difficult rational understanding nowadays. We say of experiments for the research of a new Social, Economic System and Politician. But, before everything, how much energy we would spend to take off of? thrones? the intentioned bad elements, the politicians who dominate in them? Perhaps we needed convincing arguments for this; perhaps we needed catastrophes of great sum to justify changes. Now the world is having a small sample of what it will be able to happen with the capitalism; we are seeing that the money, in itself, is not capable to support the balance that we need stops keeping in them happy. It does not have justice in its base. It does not have equality between the men. To broaden your perception, visit actress and filmmaker.

It does not have chances for all. The differences between? equal? they are very great. Dons for the work that would fit to each one is used to advantage. The differences of quality of life produced by the money are unjust, unacceptable. To exist the rich ones it has that to have the poor persons. Practical one is one known.

The technical more advanced countries keep advantageous commerce with the countries poor. Thus it was with us, we bought steel structures (had laws in the Empire that they forbade iron casting), we bought asphalt, we imported machines, cars, cigarettes (that the fashion imposed in them), drinks, etc. We we need more culture to understand who really we are. We have hope of that in very next future we will be able to have notice of other planets that had preceded in them in the cosmological order and that already they had had? time? to have possessed person a civilization.