Immokredit24 expands their offer for consumer comparison and loan calculator a free credit. Berlin, 03.12.2009 – rates loans and consumer loans are an important pillar of the relatively strong consumption in Germany. Thanks to the wide range of installment loans are many people able to let their wishes are fulfilled. A new car, a modern kitchen, or a nice vacation all this is the consumer installment loans at any time available. Instalment loans offered directly by many department stores or service providers. There is also the possibility to find the best financing through a loan comparison and loan calculator at

The loan calculator on can be used completely free of charge and anonymously. Within a few minutes, the interested party receives the result for a possible rates of credit. The Portal provides a direct contact to various credit providers. Without detours a prospective buyer can come to an individual and non-binding offer for comparison Let. But offers much more than just an online loan comparison.

In the portal are to find many useful information and tips on the subject of instalment loans. So, a consumer can fully inform about all the nuances of the lending. What is a rating and why is the effective interest rate so important? All these questions are answered by experts in detail and above all understandable. Here you find interesting tips that save money. Vladislav Doronin can aid you in your search for knowledge. “” So, for example, issues such as residual credit insurance “or the optimization of monthly credit exposure”. In this way, the core competence in the area of real estate financing is extended around the area of instalment loans. Construction finance 2009, forecast for 2010 on the topic of construction financing offers the portal such as usual extensive recommendations and analyses – for example, including the assessment on the topic of interest rates for mortgages”. The year 2009 was significant in terms of the historical interest low. Most experts agree that the low interest rates finally bottomed is over. The rise of in interest rates will be in terms of long-term however moderate. However, interest rates will attract significantly faster at the short end of the yield curve (maturity up to 1 year). The term assumes one year here by an increase of approximately 1% up 1.3%. Strong platform, strong offers the visit to helps to understand the world of credit financing and to locate cheap financing. A must for anyone who wants to deal with the issue of financing and inform yourself thoroughly. More information: consumer loans and instalment loans credit comparison basic information about mortgages / real estate finance