Successful Ibi Partners Day In Regensburg

ibi research discussed with its partners excited about innovations in the banking sector goal was the 35 partners from banks, consultancy, IT?Service providers and software companies about the current research topics of the ibi research to inform, to present results and discuss together. This includes managing director Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Penzel: without a doubt, banks are under great pressure to implement regulatory measures. At the same time, the innovation machine is running ‘ as intensely as rarely before. Examples include the clear expectation of better consultation processes, production-quality solutions for the numbers with the Smartphone at the point of sale, but also the solution of regulatory challenges through innovative process design the use of the Web on the way to the Bank”. “In the first extension workshop IT?-based consultative process for the retail business in banks” has been discussed intensively on problems, obstacles and barriers, as well as possibilities of the redesign of the consultation process.

To do this Christiane Fruchtl, ibi research project leader: The satisfaction of individuals with the consultation process has decreased dramatically in the financial crisis. Regulators have made a variety of specifications without requiring an end to the interference to refrain. These indicators show that individual improvement of the consultation process will not be sufficient. A basic development appears necessary.” The Konsortialprojekt to the IT-based consultation process, initiated by ibi research”takes this issue. Aim is the further development of the system-based consultation process and the derivation of implementation strategies, while taking account of all stakeholders: customers, consultants, Bank shareholders and lawmakers. In the second workshop, representatives of banks, financial service providers, consulting companies, mobile operators, and IT service providers on the topic discussed mobile payment before the breakthrough? “.” After lively exchanges, Dr. Ernst Stahl, Research Director at ibi research the following summary includes: the banks are facing the challenge. through the increasing use of the mobile payment the connection not to lose.


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