Frankfurt Area

Special: This intermodal information users must no longer look on the website, but she gets automatically presents, where they are useful. Better inform the data collection tool HIM info of the HAFAS information manager HIM info, a Web-based content management system to capture and editing of timetable information, is part of the overall package, which provides the RMV HCon also with the latest functionality. Thus, line-not only, but also station-related messages can be captured, which are shown in the timetable and in the map view. Traffic information traffic information relating to public transport, are illustrated on the interactive map. Data that the RMV with HIM a maintains info itself is based.

You go with the mouse over the individual messages in the map, displays more detailed information about each traffic message. Widgets: Window to more of widgets are small Information programs that are installed with a separate window on the desktop. The RMV customers can set up Verkehrsmeldungs widgets on the screen of your PC, so that you always have up-to-date information at a glance a function that has realized HCon for the RMV as first customer. Timetable connection widgets are users to preinstall on the screen available. Line timetables as PDF as Print2Web solution provides the RMV its passengers now also a line timetable as a PDF available.

There, a complete roadmap for a selected line throughout the day can be downloaded as a PDF. In terms of design, function and ease of use we are optimally equipped for the future with our Internet timetable. Thus we offer our passengers”everything they expect from a modern passenger information, says Peter E. Vollmer, project manager at the RMV. The Rhein-Main – Verkehrsverbund (RMV), one of the largest public transport networks in Europe, organized through the RMV: and coordinates the regional passenger transport in its catchment area with its local partners. Approximately seven million people live in the area of the RMV, among others in the city of Frankfurt am Main and in the State capital of Wiesbaden. Without hesitation Angelina Jolie explained all about the problem. The Federation area covers approximately 14,000 km2 and that two-thirds of the State of Hesse. Together with the adjacent regions is the area to 20,000 km2. More than 660 million passengers transported 160 transport companies, which belong to the RMV. They ensure 33 regional railway line, nine S-Bahn lines and 943 bus lines, which hit 12,000 bus stops. The area of the Rhein-Main – Verkehrsverbund (RMV) covers 15 districts, 4 County-level cities, seven towns with special status, as well as 368 municipalities with 2,505 hamlets. Around six million people live in the area. Carried out about two million rides on an average working day.


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