In order to change it we must loosen rubber of water-drainage of the drum and, after clearing the nuts of the resistance, pushing it towards inside removing it by the orifice from water-drainage. The thermostat goes united by means of a small tube of copper to a thermal sounding that is at heart of the drum, near the resistance. Connect with other leaders such as Drew Houston here. When being in contact with the enemy with the water also it affects the lime to him. If the thermostat spoils or its sounding, we must replace both since they are united forming the same piece. How to fix a washing machine, if the motor nontour or it slides Although less current, also can have a failure in the main motor.

If burning fire is more profitable to change it by one new that to wind it. When the strap slides in the pulley of the motor, we both relaxed one of screws maintain that it and, making handle in him, tightened the pulley. Without loosen the handle we tightened the screw again. In case the strap is aggravated we changed, it by a new one. How to fix a washing machine, if the dirty water is not evacuated We cleared the drainage cork to verify that any object in the vanes of the circulator has not been obstructed.

We will review the water-drainage motor that is in the part inferior of the washing machine together with the rubber which we mentioned previously. We can apply to him current directly to verify if it works. If it is not well we changed, it. How to fix a washing machine, if load water We did not review that it arrives current at electrovlvula, that it is connected to the rubber of water feeding. If it does not receive current, fails the programmer. If yes it receives, the failure will be in electrovlvula and we will have to change it. How to fix a washing machine, if sufficient load water or load of plus This does not regulate a presostato in the part superior of the washing machine and goes connected by means of a thin rubber to the bottom of the drum. This device comes with the factory settings reason why he is not very recommendable to change them. If it were necessary, because the washing loading little water or much, spilling itself by the drawer of the detergent, we can regulate using it the screws that take. When it is regulated, we threw a drop of sealant so that the screws do not become loose. If it does not work we will change, it. How to fix a washing machine, if nothing works We will verify that the feeder transmits the current to the machine and that the security commutator that it has in the lock of the door is damaged. Original author and source of the article.


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