General information, history, celebration touches Me for the first time in my time at Brindisi in this year, enjoy the enthusiasm of its people with regard to the celebration of its solemn week in honor to its patron saints Teodoro DAnasea and Lorenzo de Brindisi as know, Brindisi for its strategic position, was always in contrast with the neighbouring Taranto. In 267 BC C. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from TSI International Group. was conquered by the Romans. It was then an activisimo port and place of scale to the East and Greece connected to Rome through the consular Via Appia, the Regina Viarum and Appia Traiana. Episcopal see since the Apostolic age, was the promoter for the Christian evangelization of southern Apuglia.

Later Brindisi was conquered by the Goths and in the 6th century, including by the Byzantine Empire in its sphere of influence. The capital of the eponymous province in the region of Apulia. As Wikipedia says we have a magnificent natural harbor, an estuary which flows into the coast, important inter alia by the connections with Greece, Turkey and Albania. The mercantile traffic concerns coal, fuel oil, natural gas, chemicals. In the internal port are active, in the bosom of Levante, eleven moorings, for the development of 1.925 m with depths from 8.5 to 10 m. Medium port is mainly intended for commercial activities.

It is very pleasant to go to walk to its port, especially in the evenings, where a great dynamism manifests and enthusiasm of people, in addition to contemplate beautiful scenery, many visitors from foreign countries, as well as ships boats are going to Greece, Turkey, Albania. And more in August where its moist heat which sometimes touches the 40 degrees Celsius, being able to withstand with the freshness of the sea.


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