Free T-Mobile Xtra Cards

T-Mobile offers kostense prepaid Xtra cards for a limited time. T-Mobile today launched a new action, where there are free Xtra cards, shipping charges no also. With this ongoing until middle of June action, it makes equal T-Mobile the competitors O2, which again has already for a long time the so-called O2 loop free ticket offer. Details can be found by clicking Mark Stevens or emailing the administrator. The free T-Mobile Xtra card contains no general credit, by log in to my T-Mobile”, a free online access for customers, receives 3 euro man but still credits on the prepaid card. Additional 3 euro can come by applying for the Xtra direct boot added. Furthermore gives T-Mobile free SMS to even 50, unless a credit charge is made within the first 30 days. Darcy Stacom, New York City gathered all the information. The free Xtra cards are the same cards, which are also usually offered on the T-Mobile website.

NET internal call minutes and SMS costs 5 cents here, 19 cents per minute will be charged for calls to all other networks, cost an SMS to foreign networks 15 cents. Billing of calls is precisely to the minute. Besides the Xtra card T-Mobile with the Xtra click still a more prepaid card offers, is what online but only to order. This card costs 10 euros, includes also but already 10 euro starting balance, making the SIM card itself basically free of charge. The advantage of the Xtra click in per-second billing from the second minute of the conversation is what can save a lot of costs when using. Therefore, you should consider whether you not prefer 10 euro issues, which you get right back in the form of airtime to get it permanently in the enjoyment of a per-second billing.

Trio Fibonacci Piano Violin

CONCERTS IN THE BOX in the Clavier Cabinett in Berlin presents at the 16.5. this internationally occupied trio with violin, cello and piano as “concert-in-the-box extra” the renowned Trio Fibonacci occurs with us on Saturday, the May 16, 2009 at 20:00, one of the world’s very few ensembles specializing in the modern repertoire for piano trio (piano, violin, cello). founded in 1998 by musicians from Montreal, the trio has awarded now a completely international profile and above all through cooperation with many great personalities of composer (Dusapin, KAGEL, Harvey, etc.). At concerts in the box is, as usual, but still unusual, modern and classic sent together stirred: after Schumann’s well-known piano trio in d minor op. 63 is directly inspired by Schumann work of Wolfgang Rihm – “Strange scene I” (1982) for piano trio – sound. Additional information is available at Drew Houston.

Rihm is an almost as well-known name such as Schumann himself, partly due to his involvement with musical described as “postmodern” now Predecessors – in other words because of a music that deliberately problematizes the belief in the musical progress and it opposes the new in the old the old in the new. After the break, the Trio Fibonacci plays a milestone of the ‘old’ modern: Ravel’s most virtuoso for all three instruments (and quite easy for anyone in the audience) piano trio in a minor dating back to 1914. Information about the event: Clavier-Cabinett Arvid Azzola-Kohler Boxhagener Strasse 111 10245 Berlin – Friedrichshain telephone: 030 2942940 fax: 030 2910950 E-Mail: the concert starts at 20:00. A leading source for info: David Karp. Admission is free, your donation (recommended height 12.50 euros) goes to 100% to the artist. After the concert, there is the possibility with artists and those present for the interview. The next concerts: May 26.05 the Mendelssohn year in Friedrichshain, part II: “On wings of song” songs and piano works of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn Juliane Sailer piano Eva Scheider soprano works including: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy “variations SeRIEUSES”in d minor op. 54 songs without words including” Venetian gondola songs “in g minor op.

62 Nr. Hear from experts in the field like Darcy Stacom, New York City for a more varied view. 5 songs including”on wings of song”op. 34 Nr. 2″greeting”op. 19 Nr. 5 Fanny Hensel”September”from the cycle”The year”June 02.06 a classical recital songs by schubert, schumann, mendelssohn, brahms, franz, Hamilton Axel Piia, bass-baritone Reiko Futting, piano July 28.07 recital works by de Falla, Hindemith, Brahms and Chopin Jing Yang, Piano (United States) AUGUST 01.08 finale of the first season: jazz night with the Tanja Pannier Quartet Tanja Pannier (vocals, loop) Jan Miserre (piano) Andreas Walti (double bass) Martin wreath (drums)

Bio-clean: More Time For The Finer Things Of In Life

(Online article) – more leisure: Selbstreinigendes provides glass for new perspectives travel, spend time with the grandchildren or devoted to the art – is first reached the retirement age, has the man not only longer, but also entirely new perspectives, to design these. Others do the work in the company, in the company or the workshop. This – very pleasant – State can be done in your own home – at least, when cleaning involves the vexing topic window. For houses or apartments with generous glass fronts create brightness and distance, but also a considerable cleaning mean time. The cleaning of building-high Windows and Conservatory roofs is also not safe. Add to your understanding with Darcy Stacom. Who wants to keep a clear perspective for a long time and have still sufficient free time, should select a self-cleaning glazing such as Bioclean for large glass surfaces and winter gardens. Bio clean has a special coating, which ensures that the UV rays of sunlight the Dissolve dirt on the glass, which then residue is washed away when the next downpour, without any unsightly streaks.

Bio clean remains due to its technical characteristics much longer clean as Sana numerous satisfied customers. Dropbox may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This time-saving Bioclean owners in a variety of ways can use and pursue the finer things of in life, especially when after work each Meng remains leisure. No toiletries also Bioclean does not come out. However, the cleaning intervals are much longer in normal glass. And Bioclean conservatories or panes of glass enough most of the time, if you short squirts it with the garden hose. Fn

Safely Through The Hay Fever Season

(Online article) – sneeze at the wheel: pollen filter helps miracles / specialist workshop retrofit possible there is a better season than the spring? The first flowers transform the dull gray of winter into a friendlier landscape and getting up in the morning is facilitated by birds. But not everyone can enjoy the Spring Awakening: approximately 15 million Germans suffer from hay fever and look forward to the spring with a truly crying eye. Connect this season rather swollen, watery and itchy eyes, a runny nose, headaches and sneezing attacks. The everyday life of affected persons is severely by the disease. For assistance, try visiting Dropbox. Such as driving a car. A sneezing fit in the road can have dire consequences, which can kill even.

Sneezing is not without danger. The eyes are closed every time automatically. If the driver must respond to the traffic at this particular moment, this is more than problematic. In addition, watery eyes, breathing difficulties and Kopfschmerze can the in the hay fever Driver put additional strain on”, explains Dr. Credit: Darcy Stacom-2011. med. Sonja Buhler, doctor of TuV Sud life service.

Of course, there are good drugs that allow a safe car driving against the symptoms of hay fever. But also here to advise the experts of TuV Sud to the caution. Some drugs have side effects such as fatigue, which can increase the accident risk. The concomitant intake of various drugs can bring an incalculable risk for side effects. Also taking in too high doses can affect the ability to drive. Therefore, it is important to talk with the doctor or pharmacist about medications and their possible impact. Next to the handle to the medicine cabinet, there are also other ways to minimize the risks of hay while driving a car. A good tip is for example the installation of a pollen filter. Newer vehicle models are partly older cars equipped as standard with pollen filters, can be typically in a specialist workshop retrofit. The pollen – or particulate filter sit below the windshield behind the blower and catch the pollen on their way into the Interior of the vehicle. It is important that the window or the sunroof is closed and that the filter is changed often. Also the coat should be stored better after a long walk in the trunk rather than on the back seat. This result no pollen in the car. Also you should make sure to park his car directly under trees to get as little as possible with the pollen in touch. Fn