World Teacher Day

The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours. The work of the teacher is fortunately recognized by all that they live on this planet Earth, work that involves many values, commitments, dedication, reponsailidades, commitments. It is very valid when it points out that every day, on millions of classrooms around the world, takes place the universal effort of teaching and learning. The gift of literacy is transmitted from one generation to the next, next to the love of learning and thirst for knowledge. When you share knowledge, acquire skills and life can change the fact, that on October 5 was the day chosen by the education international and UNESCO to recognize the work that daily carry out teachers and teachers from around the world. Oct.

5, world teachers day is a day reserved for the global community to celebrate teachers and the central role they play in the care and guidance of infants, children, youth and adults through the long process of learning which is life. It is known that since 1993 held this day without forgetting to draw attention to the serious deterioration of the working conditions of many teachers. Armed conflicts, violence in classrooms, economic insecurity, limited human resources and materials among others, make every day more difficult to carry out a central task in the construction of our future society, the work of educating. World teachers day also highlights the recommendation concerning the status of teachers in higher education, in 1997. More than 100 countries celebrate World Teachers ‘ day.

The efforts of education international and its more than 300 member organisations have contributed to this broad recognition. The recommendation concerning the status of teachers was adopted on 5 October 1966 at a special intergovernmental conference held in Paris. It is the first International Declaration on the situation of teaching staff in history, and represented a major step in defining their responsibilities and enforce their rights around the world.