Venetian Venexia

Wealth is much more enjoyment than in possession. Aristotle have returned to one of my favorite cities in Italy as it is Venice, just two days ago pass their sumptuous Carnival, it is the first time that I have to visit in winter and I had 7 degrees centigrade and with rain, a very penetrating damp cold. The other times I’ve done in the summer. However, it should be noted that it is still an eminently tourist city, many Asians, some Spanish, few latinos, and Europeans from other countries. Despite its time, many people passing along the streets of its Carnival, many businesses, thousands of beautiful masks of the place, yet were seen in many of its stores costumes, and felt the joy of people, fully identified with the charm of this beautiful city. Be considered, that the immense cultural heritage of Venice, summary of its ancient history, was recognized by UNESCO on the world heritage distinction in 1987 for the historic of the City and the lagoon. Venice, built on an archipelago of 119 small islands along the Adriatic Sea, is famous worldwide for its, approximately 150 channels. The Islands are connected by 400 bridges.

Its channels comprise a large lattice mode of streets which depart from the Grand Canal, which is like a great Avenue through which run lots of boats, large and small, latter being known gondolas. Collective transport or boats are very useful. In the old part of the Centre the only means of displacement are boats and walking. Adds us Wikipedia, than Venice (in Italian: Venezia, Venetian Venesia, old Venetian Venexia), the city of the channels, it is the capital of the region of Veneto. It is located on a group of islands which extends in a swampy homonymous lagoon on the Adriatic Sea, between the mouths of the rivers Po (South), and Piave (North), in the northeast of Italy.